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Whatever happened to the nod?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Cleo, May 23, 2009.

  1. THE NOD??? :evil:

    When I started riding in 2000, every biker I passed NODDED in my direction! It was great receiving some acknowledgement from a fellow biker!

    WHAT HAPPENED??? :shock:

    Nowadays, for every 10 bikers I pass, I'm lucky if I get ONE nod!!

    It truly takes that little extra pleasure out of riding!
    It is a girl thing?? A cruiser thing?? An engine size thing??

    Anyone have any comments/suggestions??

    I think we should bring back the nod, damnit... :evil:
  2. Plenty of nodding around here.
    Welcome to NR too :wink:
  3. Re: whatever happened to... ???

    I agree...the nod seems to be disappearing.
  4. Get plenty of nods around here, but i notice the higher the concentration of bikers the less you get, probably as if everyone nodded to everyone around macquarie pass each weekend your neck may break

  5. +1 to that. Still, get plenty of nods just the same. :cool:

    Must be all those friendly Wollongong folk eh!
  6. We left glove first people tend not to nod to the right glove first crowd, so that will mean 50% nods at best. :wink:
  7. Good point!
    I'm in the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne... and it's a haven for motorcyclists and tourists on the weekend. Many, many bikes to pass on a pleasant day....

    Still... I just have this feeling that things have degraded...
    Perhaps people, in general, are becoming more self-absorbed and self-centred...

    I, for one, am sending out a plea: to those of you who don't nod when you could, please pause and reflect. WHY don't you?? Would it kill you??

    You could make a fellow biker feel happier about the state of the world.

  8. Dont have much problem with it up here Cleo.......
    Get the nod frequently............what you may find though is......if there are a group of riders running the line, even strung out, you may get a nod from the leader but the rest just get on with the job....which is OK :wink:
    Just dont expect too much from wannabe cruiser 'badboys' or Beemer riders....... :LOL: :LOL:
  9. +1 I live in Albion Park and get the nod 90% of the time.
  10. I'm in Brisbane CBD and i don't recall getting a nod ever (in the CBD)(only done 300km's since ive had my license). I've had a high percentage of nods when i've been out in the suburbs tho. It may be that considering that alot of motorists continually try to kill us in CBD areas, it may be wise to concentrate more on the road, cars etc. rather than checking out the passing riders bike.

    I'm sure this may be different for people that live in rural/surburban areas.
  11. Maybe you put on weight?
  12. this has been discussed so many times before :facepalm:

    just ride, its not the end of the world
  13. lots of riders around the central coast do the nod
    not as much down in sydney thou...could definitely be a numbers concentration thing round the city suburbs..
  14. OMG!!!! :shock:
  15. IMP I think it's a cruiser thing now. I get and give nods to every cruiser I see.
    I have nodded to "normal bikes" ie. sports, tourers and only get nodded back 2 out of 10.
    I think regardless of the bike we should nod. It's a mark of respect for being a biker and gives you that sence of beonging that we ALL HUMANS yern for :grin:
    To the Duccati owner that came up next to me on the corner of Oxford st and Wentworth st Sydney thanks for the nod back and the quick chat :grin:
  16. Then there is the Ulysses club rides... you will get a fair percentage of the riders nodding at you but you have to remember at their average age at many will actually be suffering from Parkinsons Disease and not actually be responding to you... :wink:

  17. :rofl:
  18. I don't nod much on weekdays as i am having to concentrate on the traffic.

    Weekends i have started experimenting with 'the wave' on groups of 4+ and people obviously doing a trip of some sort. From my own experience, sometimes it's hard to see a nod but everyone can see a wave. So far 100% response for a wave on the above said groups :grin:

    Although, with 'the wave' you are putting everything on the line to get a response. If you get no response, you look like a complete tosser who nods to strangers.

    The best rejection i have had has been at a set of lights next to a 1098R. I lifted up my visor and said 'Gday'. The rider turned, looked at me (visor down) then looked away and paid no more attention to me. So in a muffled voice i said you have a sh1t bike, it's a girls bike and you ride like a girl (no offence to girls who can actually ride). I win :grin:
  19. what bike did you have in 2000? and what bike do you have now?
    that makes the difference. i don't nod at hells angels anymore.....lol.
  20. In 2000, I had a yamaha xv250 virago... now, i have a suzuki boulevard m50...

    but i don't think that's relevant...
    as i just upgraded to the boulevard in the last couple of weeks and this has been going on for some time now...