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Whatever happened to the MRAA

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by micx0r, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. Hey gang..

    So as I get my feet wet with more and more about bike culture.. I find that the MRAA is no more..

    Whats the story morning glory..?

  2. their forums are still working..was there this morning
  3. The MRAA is still alive and strong as ever. Website is www.mraa.org.au, web based forums are located at www.gnomeit.com/mra.

    We have moved from the CBD ages ago as the rental back when we moved was around the 30k mark, now probably closer to 80k for the same premises and we don't have that sort of income to be able to maintain a physical presence in Elizabeth st. some of the bike shops still have membership forms though.

    URL's work better when spelt correctly :D
  4. Yeah I knew the URL but whenever i try adn visit the actual mraa site, it times out and I can't get there.

    Site cannot be found etc which is why I thought it was dead and gone..
  5. Was some trouble with hosting servers a few days ago, should be fine now I would think. Hmm perhaps not, will email webmasters to give them a heads up. Site SHOULD be there and indeed normally is.
  6. Thanks for that - I wasn't aware that the site was down since it was working this morning but we are definitely alive and kicking...

    (Despite what some people want to say :p :p )

    Secretary MRAA
  7. Just in from our hosting company

  8. Ok.. must hjave been a timing issue..

    Just as I started snooping it out, the site wasn't available. My mate who's a member heard there was some scandal so I thought I'd ask the question..

    Sorry to ruffle any feathers

  9. Some sort of scandal?
    Do tell!!!!!!!!
  10. scandal..????

    yeah Micks got 2 arms now..... :p
  11. err.. the VMU don't actually exist anymore.

  12. By putting the comment under your sig you are implying a comment not a response. The implication is that you are suggesting it is an alternative....

  13. He's still pretty 'armless though. :LOL: :LOL:
  14. No,
    it's just a normal convention...