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Whatever happened to 'the customer is always right'?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, May 11, 2007.

  1. Warning - long rant!

    The girls and I went out for tea tonight to a restaurant in Cowes. I've been there once before, with some Netriders actually (Bren, Shona, Cejay etc) and was suitably impressed with the place.

    Anyway, we're sitting there eating our meal when a large group of women arrive and sit at the table next to us. More and more women arrive and they run out of room on the table so sit at another table alongside their friends. And then that table fills up.

    We're three quarters of our way through our meal when a female worker comes over and blurts out 'I'll give you another jug of red fizzy if you guys move to the table over there'...points to a table on the other side of the restaurant.

    She adds 'It's just that these girls are having a hen's night and they don't have enough room on their table.'

    I look at my table - our plates/drinks/belongings and think 'No. I'm not moving.'

    *shoot me!* :p

    I tell her we wont be much longer anyway. She said okay...no worries...and then adds, no rush...no need to rush..and leaves us.

    I notice she doesn't ask those at the tables nearby if they would move.

    5 minutes pass:

    Oldest finishes her meal and as soon as she puts her fork down a waitress comes over and picks up her plate - picks up youngest's plate which still has half her spaghetti bolognaise in it and then comes around my side and asks my 13 yr old if she's finished yet. 13 yr old has a chip in her mouth and another in her hand. She's still got some crumbed scallops on her plate. :mad:

    I'm still eating my salad...have a fork full of lettuce I'm about to put in my berloody mouth.

    I tell her we're not finished yet. She hesitates and then leaves.

    13 yr old has a few more chips and I've lost my appetite. All three girls are sitting there stunned.

    Now, those who know me may know that I'm not the kind of person to speak up and complain - not to someone's face anyway! I'd rather avoid a confrontation.

    Anyway, so disappointed was I that I had to say something. So I spoke with the girl working at the register. I complained about the fact we were asked to move our table and the fact that the waitress came and started clearing our table when it was obvious we were not finished. I said we were made to feel rushed.

    She apologised and said we should never have been asked to move tables etc etc and said she'd get the manager.

    Well guess who the manager was?


    I repeated my complaint to her. I told her how we felt we were being rushed and because of our experience would not be coming back again.

    And instead of getting an apology she told me that I should try to see it from her point of view. She asked me if I knew what was involved in running a restaurant. :shock: I said I don't care for that...I'm here to enjoy a meal with my girls and we've been made to feel unwelcome, unimportant and disrespected.

    She said that they often get people who leave their chips behind...hence the waitress asking if we were finished yet. I said it was obvious my daughter was still eating - her basket of chips was almost full and there were still crumbed scallops on top of them all, for all to see.

    She came back with yet more excuses...all of which were unacceptable and I told her so. I said that I know a thing or two about quality customer service and I believe the girls and I did not receive a quality experience in her restuarant and would not be going there again.

    To which she said "Well it's obvious you don't care to listen to my side of it...in which I've been trying to explain to you."

    I said "Well it's obvious I'm wasting my time. You've just lost our service."

    I was calm and well composed - surprisingly so considering I very rarely speak up. It helped to know I was within my right to complain - the service was less than impressive and her excuses and response to my complaints were, as far as I'm concerned, pathetic.

    How berloody ridiculous.


    I'm not even usually one to complain to others about shite like this -I'll usually just let it pass and get on with life. But her behaviour and reaction and way of dealing with a customer complaint left me stunned and stupefied.

    Rant over.

    Rosie. ... BTw...the scallops were shite. :grin:
  2. Thats a bit off. Well done for sticking up for your family. How about a letter to the local paper?
  3. In a situation like that, the manager should of at least made one of the meals free....at LEAST! There are some many things i can think of that would of been satisfying for a customer such as yourself Rosie. Maybe a reservation for another night, or.....a coupon! :grin:
  4. I do hope you didnt pay full price for the experience :?

    I have to agree with you Rosie, from what you have described its not acceptable & I was actually surprised when reading it.

    Obviously managment knew about the hens event yet failed to organise for it & therefore you should not have been inconvenienced or made to feel rushed etc.
  5. stuff em rosie. name em and shame em
  6. Karaman - she wouldn't acknowledge how I felt..that's what stunned me most! No acknowledgement of my feelings. To offer compensation in the form of a free meal etc would have meant admitting she was in the wrong - and that, she was not going to do. :?

    2wheels - nah...I'm not one to do stuff like that. Instead I just vent on a bulletin board... lol. I'll have forgotten about it (well almost!) by this time tomorrow night. :)

    nixon-chic - paid for the meal when it was ordered. $100 spent on food and drinks. :? And she tried to get the girls excited to move by offering them a jug of red fizzy - when we already had a half full jug of red fizzy on the table.

    What kind of annoyed me was that she didn't ask anyone else nearby to move. The table beside us had two older couples at it. The one on the other side had two men at it. Why didn't she ask them. Because she knew it was rude? Because she suspected they'd say no? *shrugs*
  7. Name them and at Bike racing time, I say we all turn up and let this cowbrained idiot know how she needs to see it from YOUR point of view.
  8. That is a load of crap, Good on y for saying something Rosie.
    It is well in your right, you pay good money for the food and the service, and you didnt recieve that at all.
    I dont think i couldv'e composed myself if she was trying to justify her side to me, stuff her if the other people didnt have enough room, they should have booked ahead.
  9. She didn't ask anyone else to move because you were the softest target. Woman and kids.
    I would have asked for the owner's name and phone number...............or failing that, do a business search and give em a call anyway.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. +1 to Vic!

    Rosie, that sucks. Sometimes people in those positions really shouldn't be in those jobs. All it would have taken to turn the situation was an apology, maybe a voucher for some free stuff. Basically naff all to make you happy(er).

    Good service is hard to find. But when you do, let everyone know.

    BTW, you should name them. Poor service needs a reward too.
  11. Hope you didn;t pay? For taking my meal and lack of service, I would have just refused to pay and left.
  12. + 1 to name them.
  13. Write a letter to them, the Manager is most likely not the owner who is going to miss out on your revenue in the future. He/she/they might have no idea that their restaurant is being run in such a way by this customer service gimp. You might still get satisfaction if the owners are sensible.

    +1 I would have refused to pay!

    ...and my complaint would have been audible to the whole restaurant :grin:
  14. The situation should have never arisen in the first place. If the women had booked their "hens night" then the manager should have reserved tables for them.

    I suspect though that one of two things happened.

    1. either the women booked for X number of people and the manager thought she would squeeze a few more paying customers in ahead of them first.


    2. The manager saw the Hens table filling up and saw more value there rather than showing you common courtesy.

    Either way .... you were well within your rights to complain.

  15. I would have flat out refused to pay.
    told her that was my view from my perspective.
  16. We had to pay for the meals when we ordered them.

    A simple acknowledgement of our feelings and an apology would have sufficed. Instead, she became defensive...not the reaction i was expecting to get, especially from a manager.

    I'm not posting the name of the restaurant up here because I don't know the name of the restaurant :oops: It's on the corner of the Esplanade and Thompson Avenue - not isola di capri (on the other side of Thompson Ave)...should have gone there instead - damn fine restaurant and service and people....plus they make the best pizzas in town. :) And the old guy there is an absolute charmer too ;) A popular restaurant for biking enthusiasts and race teams.

    I'll write the owner a letter, or email.

    After we left, my oldest said something that made me feel a bit proud of myself... :) She goes "Mum..You would never have done that 2 yrs ago." :) :) :)
  17. Good on you for speaking up Rosie. :grin:

    I can't believe they'd actually start taking plates away from kids while they're eating. :shock: :?

    I wholeheartedly agree with the others. Write a letter to the owners. A letter is better than an e-mail because you can find out who owns the business and address it to them, whereas an email risks being read and deleted by the manager in question. If you can remember her name, make sure you use it (wouldn't want the other staff getting into trouble). :)

    If there's no apology from the owner, it'll be simple enough to send a letter to the local rag. :)
  18. I have found this attitude in a few places down the island there Rosie for many years. Its tourist central and a relatively transient population and they dont seem to give a sh*t any which way [-( because they know theres always another tourist bus just a penguin parade away, who's buck is just as good as yours.
    I would pull the local card, :WStupid: go the :furious: "I aint a bloody tourist rant, and I have to put up with these blow ins-especially those f n motorcyclists :shock: " Locals always like to feel superior over "the tourists" . Sometimes that can really work in ones favour :grin:
  19. My point of reply would be when the netrider GP group is looking for somewhere to eat one evening, Rosie takes all into said restaurant, waits to be asked to be seated, then just says "no, just letting you know that you are missing a large order today/tonight"

    that will learn them :p
  20. Must be the week for it.

    Birthday lunch last week...

    There was 10 of us. When we ordered, we were told it'd be a 20 min wait. Look around the restaurant...sure, there's people there, certainly not PACKED, but I guess enough for 20 mins.

    An HOUR later, we still hadn't received anything. After complaining, the waitress apologized...THEN explained one of the chef's had walked out that day and there was only one in the kitchen. Also assured us they were plating up our food as we spoke.

    Sure enough, our meals SLOWLY started coming out. Two pastas..yeah, not bad. A pizza, again, not bad. A roast of which the meat was cold and the potatoes were black. Wonton noodles that were sauce rather than noddles. 2 Parmas which was off. Focaccia which was dry. Meat pie with mashed potatoes..pie was ok, potatoes were cold. And to top it off, the final meal - LAST to come out, an hour and a half after ordering...for a FIVE year old...a hot dog. An hour and a half for a hot dog. WHICH, mind you, wasn't even a WHOLE hot dog. The sausage was cut in half.

    Out of the 10 meals, I think we paid for maybe half. As well as a free round of drinks for the entire table. :evil: