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Whatcha up to - Sat 16/7 Night

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Missus has gone out with the girls, i'm working on a bottle of red, trawling through my mp3 collection, watchin the footy on the blue dot channel, waiting for World Poker Tour to come on (tonight should hopefully be the final from the Bellagio Hotel! Wow!)

  2. Sounds a lot like my night dan minus the red. At least Souths have won (No I don't support them)
  3. Im polishing off a bottle of Penfolds Rawsons Retreat Shiraz Cabernet and watching Police Academy 5!

  4. I'm chatting with buddies on the net and listening to some tunes.. no wine though.
  5. yeah im chattin with buddies too.. and definately no wine here..
  6. oh we are elaborating on wines - ok
    2002 Whydham estate Cab Merlot Bin 888

    mmmm grapes

    don't know what your missing out on hornet. :LOL:
  7. Man you guys have got to get some wine into you.... makes reading the forums more interesting! :p

  8. I am enjoying YOUR enjoyment, Dan

    Me, I'm killling myself laughing over Midnight's last post on the "Our not so well netrider" thread, what a hoot, sneaks up and grabs you cos you don't expect it!!!!! :LOL:
  9. I have a 2005 bottle of chateau de vanilla coke!! Does that count!! :D :D
  10. Source (sauce?)?

    From the north end of the supermarket, well worth laying down for a few years, a cheeky little number, perhaps???
  11. "the tannins are a bit bland, lacks body. subtle cinnamon, almost vanilla overtones."
  12. What more can be said?

    :D :LOL:
  13. Bottle number 2!

    1998 Woodstock McLaren Vale Reisling :)

  14. 2nd bottle? power to you! I'll be having a heart to heart with the cat after one bottle
  15. Re: What more can be said?

    Quite a nice drop though if I don't say so myself!! :D
  16. A top drop of red should be aged for atleast 5-8 years before popping it's cork and enjoying it. Any self respecting wino should know this!!
  17. Yeah but a self dis-respecting wino will drink anything he can get his hands on.
  18. 2002 Capel-Vale Merlot...my wife just got back from Margaret River and, the good lady she is, brought me back some presents!!!
  19. I've just gotten back from Fitzroy, catching up with Brother Eazy E. We was doin' the heavy aromatic chai. 8)
  20. raaaaight oooooonnn 8)