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Whatcha up to on this Chilly Evening? (12/8/05)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Settling in to watch the cricket with a bottle of red (shouldn't make it past 10pm) with some comfort food...

  2. im doin the same mate,this sport is wat i live and breath
  3. Im at work watching the cricket to :D :D
  4. Not doing much.....

    Tv, pizza, internet stuff. Already in my jammies.....
  5. I've just set up a wireless access point for my network in the lounge room, so now I can surf the forum, watch the rugby league, and enjoy the company of Mrs Hornet, in the warmth and comfort of my lounge-room. I won't miss a thing!
  6. Going through withdrawals already , my poor bike is locked up at work while i've got the work ute home for my move this w/end.

    only 62hrs till i she her again :( :LOL:
  7. trying to think of a way to get out of work tomorrow and go for a ride instead ;)
  8. OMG!!!! A man who can multi-task!!!!!
  9. I could give you an invite for a ride but you would have to pick up some groceries on the way
  10. no, just wishful thinking, everyone knows that only ladies can multi-task, but that's another story, eh??

  11. ?
  12. Won't someone let Bob site on his or her bike and go "Vroom Vroom" so he doesn't feel so bad??
  13. Drooling over my new back tyre,

    Put on today,

    4th for the year (zx12's spend more on tyres than fuel),

    Looking forward to wearing it in.

    Sunday Maybe
  14. well maybe if some people turn up to help him move, he can sit on their bikes for a bit...
  15. is ok , im sitting here with my helmet on making thump thump noises,

    VTR's dont go Vroom Vroom :LOL: :p

    and watching on any sunday ..... the original and best bike movie

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. You'd be surprised how forgiving polished concrete floors can be. I'd recommend a decent garade burnout in lieu of a proper wear in procedure. The aroma left behind will linger for days, it's magic.
  17. Kids asleep, dinner dishes washed, heater on, fresh batteries in the TV remote & 40 litres of beer on tap.

    Hmm...what to do next?
  18. I just pulled out of work so I can go riding tomorrow :p :twisted:
  19. Four tyres in a year??? Jeez, how many kays in that lot? Please don't tell me that's normal, I just spent nearly 400 bucks on tyres for the Hornet!!