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Whatcha Think of My Equipment List ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Beercules, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. btw does anybody here know why one of the most advance helmet's in the motorcycle industry isn't available here in australia (Schuberth SR-1) ?

    while i'm at it i might aswell get some thought's on my riding equipment list, i'm a new rider so i haven't even thrown my leg over a bike yet but done a lot of theory, anywho here's my list

    Gloves: Held Titans
    Boots: Alpinestars Supertech S
    Kevlar Jean's: donno yet, Draggin Jean's, Hornee or Sartso ?
    Jacket: Custom Vanson Highwayman
    Helmet; was thinking the Schuberth SR-1 because it's bad ass but now i donno, top of the line Arai ?

    as for the bike i'll be getting a Ducati Monster 659 & trading it in for a 1100 evo at the end of the 12 month prohibitory crap
  2. And hello to you as well.
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  3. What Jem said.
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  4. good thanks how are you? ;?
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  5. Custom Vanson Highwayman with I'm assuming Supertech R and Held Titans? You're going to look weird as hell.
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  6. haha my bad, my bad, how r u all ?

    lol well might look just a lil weird but it'll be an amber tan Highwayman, black with red detailing Supertech R's & black Held titans but it ain't about looking it's about surviving a crash & walk away with a spring in ur step =P
  7. Fair enough. Maybe have a look at Dainese top of the line boots, they're not as flashy as Alpinestars so it would probably fit in better. For jeans, since you want the most protection possible, if it doesn't come with knees and hips armor, then buy some knee guards and armored shorts.
  8. Yeah supertechs and jeans is plain weird. You know they're a boot in a boot right? Jeans are casual minimum safety and supertechs are over the top lol.
  9. So you plan on crashing? It's not the gear that saves you, it's what's between the ears! Use it wisely and you will be okay.

    Welcome aboard NR and hope you enjoy the stay.
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  10. the gear might save u from an amputation by not letting ur hands or feet get mangled into oblivion, well i think u'll be hard pressed to find somebody who actually planned on crashing :-s & it's not what's between my ear's that i'm worried about, it's about what's between the ear's of other's who might not be as careful or considerat on the road

    PEEair - "Fair enough. Maybe have a look at Dainese top of the line boots, they're not as flashy as Alpinestars so it would probably fit in better. For jeans, since you want the most protection possible, if it doesn't come with knees and hips armor, then buy some knee guards and armored shorts."

    yeah i'v had a look at their stuff & i think the Supertech R's have them beat on the knee protection in the inner bootie system, i had a look at a lot of boot's, puma 1000 v3's, sidi's top of the line stuff & where they all do a great job of protecting the ankle it's the inner bootie system is the only one that's smart enough to let my ankle break & not my knee, knees are much much more valuable commodities then an ankle

    trd2000 - "Yeah supertechs and jeans is plain weird. You know they're a boot in a boot right? Jeans are casual minimum safety and supertechs are over the top lol."

    ahh yep the inner bootie & it's torsion system was a big variable in my choice & again it might be a lil weird but i'm thinking function of fashion here
  11. think of spending all that money your thinking of spending on flash gear... on generic gear that lives upto the same standards and another rider training course instead.
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  12. it's only 2 to 3 odd grand, even in a crash when it's all messed up & shit insurance cover's it plus u can't put a price on ur life my good man & really if it came down to it i'd get a cheaper bike if i had to so that i could be wearing the best possible safety equipment out there, i understand that i won't make me a better rider in any way but i do understand it's a something moto gp guy's trust at well over 100 mph so it's good enough for me riding at 100 kph

    the point of this thread was to see if anyone would come up with a reason for me to change zed list to something better in term of safety
  13. not a bad list of gear, although id be trying things on first, considering that the same product isnt going to fit everyone the same. I, for one, tried on 30-40 different helmets and around 15 different types and brands of jackets before i made up my mind.
  14. i give up - you enjoy your top of the line gear.
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  15. If you haven't thrown a leg over a bike, wouldn't you be better off spending a little less on gear and getting good quality stuff for far cheaper, and actually determining if riding is really what you want to do?

    Not being a dick (well, not trying to) but personally, I'd be doing that first.

    You can get away with good quality jacket, kevlars, helmet, gloves and boots for under a grand
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  16. Hey mate,

    I think you have the right idea. I like buying the good stuff too.. I also happen to ride a monster. However, keep in mind you'll likely end up with at least 2 sets of gear so don't go blowing all your cash just yet.

    Here is a link you might find useful with some good info on gear: http://roadsafety.mccofnsw.org.au/a/75.html

    My first thought is that the most important thing about gear is that it fits well so that its comfortable and holds all the armour in place etc. This means for example A* supertechs might not fit so well and you have to go Sidi's or Dainese instead etc. They're all good.

    Now for your gear in particular, as far as looks etc go I think it will look pretty silly, wearing some bad ass cruiser jacket combined with top of the line race gear. Furthermore the vanson is built to last but has little if any armour as its not built as a race jacket. It seems a bit odd wearing fully armoured race gloves and boots, but then armour free cruiser jacket and jeans.

    Jacket: If you're interested in style I'd ditch the Vanson and go for a simple Dainese jacket like the Razon, Greyhound, etc which look very cool and have great armour, plus you can zip them to some Dainese leather pants which will keep you nice and safe. Also make sure you get a back protector, either a jacket insert or a separate strap on one. If you want flashy race gear then any RS Taichi, A*, Dainese etc.

    Jeans I'd go for draggins in Australia, personally I wear Alpinestars Axiom jeans as they are pretty slim fitting (for kevlar jeans anyway).

    The gloves look good, but I don't see anything that makes them worth $350, pretty overkill for street gloves. I'd go for any of the high tech gloves by A*, held, dainese, rs taichi, whatever fits.

    Boots those supertech Rs look good, might be bit fiddly to get into for street boots, but having broken my ankle before I'm all for good boots.

    Helmet whatever fits you, Arai Vector 2 and Shoei XR-1100 are quite popular.

    Basically you need to work out what kind of riding you're going to be doing.. if its around town at lower speeds you want to focus on impact protection as you won't be sliding so far. You'll probably also want to wear gear you can actually wear off the bike, e.g. you'll find its pretty hard going to coles and doing the shopping in your race boots and leather suit. You'll also probably find it annoying if you have to spend 10 minutes putting on all your gear and your double level supertech boots etc to go for a ride round the corner.

    If you're planning on carving up the twisties at high speeds then you want the full CE impact protection as well as full leather in the form of a 1 piece or 2 piece suit with suitable gloves, boots and full face helmet.

    Probably first thing you need to do though is ride a bike and determine what you like before you waste a few grand, its not as simple as reading internet reviews i'm afraid as everyone's opinion is different when it comes to bikes, and everyone has different body sizes that suit different gear.

    Heres my gear if it helps:

    Helmet: Shoei XR-1100
    Jacket: Dainese Razon perforated with shield air back protector
    Pants: Alpinestars Axiom jeans, just sold some leather pants and plan to get some dainese ones shortly. Knox knee guards, knox cross armoured shorts to come
    Gloves: RS Taichi GP-WRX
    Boots: Icon Reign around town, Sidi Vortice elsewhere
    Other: Forcefield T-Pro back protector with chest protector attachment, psycleskins undersuit for temperature regulation

    I find that stuff gives me plenty of protection, is comfortable, and doesn't look make me look like a weirdo when I'm off the bike.
  17. Good post Hobbsie,
    Whats the ankle protection on the Reign like? More or less than A* Fastlane?
    Jesus those Sidi look the business...
  18. You talk about safety and crashing and the 'best possible' gear.

    I look at your first post and I just don't get it.

    Kevlar jeans? The jacket Arnie wore in Terminator? And then you refer to the time you have to spend on a less powerful bike as 'crap'.

    I don't get it.
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  19. Is 'top of the line' your catch phrase? You sound like a rich middle-aged dickhead buying an expensive car because it's expensive. Or like you went on Revzilla and sorted each category by price and picked the most expensive. Price is not necessarily equal to safety potential
  20. ...i was the only one that said top of the line? [MENTION=33715]Gurbachen[/MENTION] ?
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