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Whatcha got? : 50cc vs bigger - twist and go vs geared

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Rob_SA_Scoot, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. Hi

    Just wondering what machines our scooterists are riding?

    50cc vs bigger - twist and go vs geared?

    Mine's a 50cc twist and go Bolwell / PGO Gypsy (PMX50).

    Anyone else?
  2. got a 43cc pocketbike, kinda like a scooter :LOL:
  3. It's depends on where do you live, for Melbourne, if you use the scooter for commute and you live only 20 mins away from city 50cc is ok, otherwise at least 90cc (2 strokes), but better on a 125/150cc. Then you can go almost everywhere fine. But I still don't like the idea of that woman travel on her 50cc scooter around Australia.
  4. Wow, that would have been a long slow ride around Australia. Could you imagine the Adelaide-Perth leg across the nulluhbor. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    At least she wouldn't be at risk of alien adbuction - they wouldn't be able to go slow enough to meet her speed!

    Dad's got a Yamaha Jog 50cc. Feels nippy off the line until about 45, then peaks at about 60. I haven't had a ride since i got my ninja, so probably feels slow now!
  5. Question from a curious bystander. Do the twist and goes have ANY sort of gearing? ie. Do you put it in "drive" or is it like a go-kart where you just give it some throttle and hold on?
  6. Twist and go is just that. Get on start bike, when you wanna go just twist the throttle. No manipulating any kind of gears.
  7. If it's like a go-kart they'll have a clutch that is operated by centrifugal force. The faster it spins the more it engages so the instant you give it some throttle it'll spin up and start gripping.

    AFAIK that would mean one gear but you might be able to play interesting games with a clutch like that and a CVT gearbox.
  8. I have a 50cc honda express moped (twist &go). Got it for free. It's great fun in the backyard but I really only keep it cause it makes the CB250 look big in comparison. :)
  9. Hi

    Mines got a centrifugal clutch and an auto transmission. It gets up and goes, even with my 120+Kg and the 90Kg or so of the bike. Pulling away at commute speeds is no problem, and on a short downhill run (like the bridges I travel over on the outskirts of Adelaide) if I don't back off I get to 70+Km/h way too quickly for comfort. The upside is that the braking is excellent, so I can peel off the excess speed in a hurry. I guess this all sounds very cheesy to people with more powerful bikes and a heap of experience, but to this 47 year old who last rode as a teenager on a CB100 for a total of a year it's plenty fast enough!
  10. 100cc Hyosung ez100, twist and go, it'll fly off the line at the lights, and reach 80K without trouble, and I even got it up to 95K on the highway without it complaining (level, no wind, tucked into a "racing" position, which probably looked real funny to the driver in the massive truck following me)
    I love the Hyosung to bits, it's a blast to ride.
  11. As Rob indicated, most scooters these days are automatics, with a centrifugal clutch and a CVT (continuously variable transmission). The CVT is often akin to a pair of opposed cones that a belt runs along. The only manual gearbox variant that I know of these days is the Vespa PX200, which has a twist gear shift on the left handlebar, along with the clutch.

    The Suzuki Bergman 650 has a push button gearbox, but can operate as an automatic.

    I have a Bolwell LeGrande 200 (really 171cc), which cruises quite happily at 100k with a bit left over for overtaking.

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  13. Damn I just noticed they don't even sell scooters anymore! :(
  14. i just got my 250 license this week
    i did have my eye on a aprilia 250 scarabeo but i ended up with a Honda @125
    goes better than i thought , pulls hard off the lights and turns nicely with 15 inch wheels
    it is so freaking cool to lane split 100 cars at the red lights :LOL:

    guess i'll save for the aprilia next year
    you can never have too much power eh :D
  15. oh boy this makes me laugh (no offence) I took my Ninja in for a service and they gave me a PGO 250cc scooter as a loan bike! I sat at the light laughing my head of to the ammusement of other drivers, I must have look a little funny wearing full leathers and a iridium viser! It was a an auto, kinda stange to ride after using a 6-speed manual! It would be a good bike around the city and soforth tho I guess.

  16. I recently bought a vespa lx150.

    I ride it to work and back every day, everywhere around town, plus recently Ive been taking long trips around 'exploring' up and down the coast. Love it to bits, and it handles very nicely wherever I go.

    Ive been contemplating taking a much longer ride, up to tamworth this time.

    Am I mad? Does anyone else do long trips on their scoots? Any recommendations?
  17. i can't see why you couldn't, what's its top speed? can it handle 100 on a slight incline, if it can i can't see why you can't go far on it

    welcome to the forum
  18. is Squeeek mad?

    Not at all, I bought a Peugeot Elyseo 125 scoot in 2002 and have commuted daily to work, which was initially 35 km each way. With more then 36,000 clicks the scoot has proven to be very reliable.

    But for a bit of fun :D on a nice day I like to ride the Buell through the Yarra Valley.
  19. Definately isnt hard to get to 100kmph...Just havent had a lot of experience at riding long distances and on the roads up that way.