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what your friends think

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by van, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. so... what do you do when you tell your friends that you want to get a motorbike, and they all start whining about how dangerous it is? i mean, sure, it's nice that they're concerned about my safety and all that jazz, but how sensible are they being? seems to me that they're just going on what they've heard, all the urban legends about motorcycle accidents and what not. yes, it's dangerous, but is the danger enough of a reason to avoid the pursuit all together?

    i just can't get those silly bastards to understand!

    did you have any good convincing arguments with which to defend your choice?

  2. yes don't argue what' the point?

    If there against bikes then simply how can you convince them otherwise, just be happy within yourself and tell them all it's the best way to pick up chicks and you will be fine.
  3. haha, good point mate ;)
  4. Mine were mostly wrapped/jealous/envious/proud!

    However, there was one who said "don't expect me to visit you in the paraplegic ward" :(

    To the ones who are concerned about safety, I say this... I'd much rather be thrown from a bike and slide across a road and risk being run over, or slammed into a tree, than crushed inside a tin can, conscious, not being able to escape.

    Bit of a screwy way of thinking probably, but I'm claustrophobic, and I mean it.
  5. I know you are concerned for my welfare but
    while you lead your monotonus boring safe life and are happy to be one of those sheep sitting in peek hour traffic , dont comment , when you are game enough to come for a ride and feel the excitement and joy of what riding is then you may comment otherwise shut up , i dont harp on at you about (pick a body part on them) so dont harp on about me.
  6. I got sick of discussing it and developed a look I call the "flat stare for dickheads".

    Also, I agree with Groberts' sentiments. If they wont try it they should shut the fcuk up.

    The only exception is my Mum :wink: , she can say what she likes, Mum's perogative. She knows I'll do it anywhay but it makes her feel better to tell me off :roll: :LOL: !

    Everyone else needs to stop acting like a bunch of pussies. :twisted:

    My unsupported theory is that if a significant percentage of the population had to commute on a bike/scooter road accidents and fatalities would drop through a corresponding increase in the road-user's caution. As it is most drivers commute in a radio and coffee fog barely a step above being asleep.
  7. And do these 'friends' smoke/drink/take drugs/other dangerous sports? have they ever bungee jumped? I'm sure you could do a few comparisons.
    Out of my friends half were supportive and the other half said things like
    temporary citizen
    hope you are an organ donor
    you got death wish
    blah blah blah
    I finally got jack of it and started replying .."Well lets just hope nothing ever happens to me and you are left with the guilt of jinxing me....ever heard of self fullfilling prophecy?"
    That usually shut them up and since then, a couple have actually expressed interest in getting a bike themselves.
  8. hahaha, excellent work folks! you've armed me well for my next argument ;)
  9. just do what i do, dont have any friends then you dont get the grief
  10. interesting theory slug, but i might give that one a miss :p
  11. These people are probably the same people who don't drink hot drinks in case there is a chance they may burn themselves.

    Life is about taking risks. You might as well really enjoy yourself while you are doing it :D
  12. I'm as stubborn as a mule, so none of my friends even bother trying to argue with me.... in fact they don't even bother trying to tell me anything because they know I'll argue! :twisted:

    My "boyfriend" (he's a sort of boyfriend, LOL) has never ridden a bike, but was quite happy for me to get my licence.... after seeing me out on my bike, now he wants to get his L's before Christmas! :LOL:
  13. Also, these people who tell you how dangerous it is are generally the first ones who will ask you if they can jump on the back of your bike for a ride.
  14. 95% of my friends ride so its not an issue and my family never say anything . My mum (who is 70) even asked me to send up a photo of the new stead to have a look at it , she's cool.
  15. I usually tell me friends when they tell me that i'm "insane" for riding a bike "all the more reason for you to be careful when driving your car."
  16. I usually tell them, yes it's dangerous, but the thrill is living life to the max. Plus while driving a car, how do they know some drunken idiot on the road with a semi won't plough into them? They don't know but the risk is there. Do they then never drive? Walking will do you good, but pedestrians can also be involved in fatal accidents. Will they stop walking then? Stay home? They usually see the point at that stage.
  17. To quote an advertisement from H.D.....If you have to explain..they won't understand!! 8)
  18. has anyone riden a push bike lately, must be getting older, but i feel much more vunerable on the pushie than on the motorbike
  19. Yeah or a Scooter (ie: Nifty 50) they are definitely more dangerous cause of the seating position and lack of power/braking/handling..

    I started a similar thread in the Overclockers Bike forum and have received some pretty funny responses..

    Some interesting ones have been brought up here, but to rip an idea from another Harley commercial:

    There is a pic of a road on a beautiful day with some guy riding a Harley along it. There are 2 tickboxes next to the pic. 1 says 'exist' the other says 'live'..

    Pretty well sums it up!
  20. Yeah I copped a bit of this recently (havnt just taken up the past time).

    I just agree and go yeah it looks pretty dangerous and yeah I know myself, it could be the thing to end it all but hey! its life! gotta enjoy it!

    If you want to be mean about it... a simple reply to "its so dangereous" would be.. "well learn to drive better!"

    My mum was worried bout me on a bike but she knows she cant stop me doing stuff... should of seen her face when i told her I snowboarded off the roof the other week! She has left me alone now as my brother is about to go sky diving.

    Im all up for being full on myself!