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What you thinking of upgrading to?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Zealt, May 13, 2008.

  1. I'm going for my license test this weekend so I've been thinking more and more about what bike i want when i upgrade..

    My original choices were,
    (600 - 1000 haven't decided yet)
    Kawaka ZXR
    YAMMIE YZF R1 (don't like the front of the R6's)
    Suzi GSXR

    Out of them all i think the one that looks the nicest and minimalistic is the Gixxer so I'm thinking GSX-R600 or 1L would be the go for me. :grin:

    but saying that i like the hidden exhaust on the new CBR's F*@K! umm.. cant i have both... :grin:

    What you peeps want for your bigger bike?

  2. I have a gpx atm and I think I will stick with the ninja line, I dunno I have always had a soft spot for them but they all seem like awesome options and are all good bikes.

    So choose which ever your happiest with, but personally I would go the ninja with out a second thought.
  3. SV650... that's if I can fit my 6"4 clumsy ass on one... :LOL:

    But, a few years ahead of me yet...
  4. Another GS500 owner who approves of the SV650 :)
  5. Most likely an Aprilia Shiver. =P~
  6. One day.... one day.... I'll get one of these...


    So orgasmic!
  7. you wont be dissapointed with a gixxer.. :cool:
  8. Reckon this looks better :)

  9. Good luck, I couldn’t fit my knees under the tank cutouts (6â€), which sucks because the rest of the bike feels really comfortable.

    Depending on budget, the likely options for me are the 03-04 R6, a CBR600RR (anything 05+) or if the riding position isn’t to aggressive the 675.
  10. I'm with peaches. Already saving for it, either a Daytona 675 in the new electric blue colour they have or a white Monster 696 with some custom coloured parts. No desire for a litre bike, i personally think they are massive overkill
  11. I have a GPX at the moment - love Kawasaki, especially the positive neutral finder (I originally got a Hyosung 250 cruiser thingy, although please don't tell anybody, and I could never EVER find neutral on that thing).

    So looking at another Kawasaki - probably the ER-6F, because I am not overly tall (about 5'5") and want to upgrade to something I am not too scared of - love the green one! I have been drooling over bikes on the internet for weeks now. I have my open licence, but not too much money (saving for overseas trip) and no Kawasaki dealer here :(
  12. Hmmmmm...


    Shame there's not much change from $30k :cry:
  13. I could be happy with one of these...

  14. Personnaly I want to upgrade to a CBR600RR, but I plan on test-riding all of them to get an idea :)
  15. 2006-Suzuki-GSX1400b-small.
  16. Damn! It's a curse I tell you!
    Well actually I can't fit my knees under the tank cutouts on the GS500 either, so maybe..... just maybe...

    Isn't the CBR on the smaller side too?
  17. [​IMG]

  18. DR650 with 17 inch Excels.

    Give me another ten years and I'll be there :)

    It's funny, the more i read, hear about and occasionally ride sportsbikes the more the interest in them subsides.
  19. I have a GS500 now and dont want to go too crazy when I upgrade. I have been tossing up between the ER-6N or the SV650. I just love the look of the er-6. There is a lot of riding to be done between here and then so I may change my mind.