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What you should do if the driver fail to exchange details!!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by scootergal76, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Today I went to police station, reported the accident I had for record in case the driver try to run away for paying.

    I asked the police in the case of Undii, they said even the driver did stopped and get off the car to check you are ok or not, any damage. But he/ she fail to exchange any details (if there's a damage and someone need to take respond for it) for that accident, this is an OFFENCE. So try your best to get the Rego no., makes, model, colour of the car, info of the driver (how tall, builts, marks) and report to police straight away, if you can get witness would be prefect.

    Also when exchange details, get as much as info you can, especially not your fault.

    List of information you should get:

    - Time, place (try to locate as detail as you can), Date,
    - Weather condition, road condition
    - Vehicle makes, model, year, colour
    - Rego no. , expiry date
    - Driver's name, address, DOB, licence no., expiry date, contact no.
    - how many person in the car
    - how its happend
    - Insurance company - policy - 3 rd party/ comphensive

    My suggestion:

    First things need to do when both of you stop for an accident

    - Remeber hows the driver look like, height,
    - Rego no. , colour, makes even model, year if you can
    - try to get witness if you can (maybe other car rego no. you believe that drive might saw what's happend)

    in case of fail to exchange details.

    Also if you think he/she is drunk or over the limit, report to the police straight away after he/she left (if you call police in front of them, you won't know what would happend, coz he/she is drunk), let the police find he/she out and get alcohol check.
  2. Thanks for providing the list Scootergal 76.
    I remember when a car driver ran into the back of me at an intersection.
    Saying oops I thought you'd gone. Me replying: No I'm still here!
    I didn't actually check or exchange licence details. But, I did get rego,name of driver and insurance coy amongst other details. It all worked out in the end. His insurance paid.
    The importance of swapping licence details; if you can, was pointed out to me later. It helps identify the other person. There is always the possibility that the car is stolen.
    I'm unsure of how the insurance situation works, but I wouldn't like to risk it.
  3. Also as Scootergal (Vivian) said. Try to get a description of the person that was driving, as there are still a number of drivers that do not carry their licence with them, which is an offence. I was talking to a police officer about this situation and he said that if an accident occurs and the person doesn't have a licence (identification) on them call the police anyway.
  4. You would probably not want the police there if you suspect them to be drunk.

    A drunk driver is not covered by any in-sewer-ants company.

    However, your in-sewer-ants company should be able to cover you without you losing your NCB.
  5. If not your fault and you have comphensive, sure let call the police, then they will lose their licence and less chance to Hit and Kill someone by drink driving!!!

    ME?? I don't have insurance for my Scooter!
  6. great tips! much appreciate, will always remember!
  7. At the scene of an accident you are not required to show your licence to the other driver. Only things you have to supply are your name, address & rego. If the other party refuses to show their licence but gives you the details the police won't attend (assuming there is no other reason for them to). Hence it's very important to get the rego/make/model and driver description in those circumstances.

  8. Not really, drive or ride without licence or not carry a current licence, it's an offence!! You can report to police you believe that driver drive without licence or not with him/her when he/she drive.
  9. Re-read what Zippy wrote. He's not talking about the driver not carrying his/her licence. Simply that they are not required to present it to another rider/driver in a collision.
  10. If not present it, then he/she might just make all info up, not ture information and it's a stolen car. Then you will never fine the driver again!

    I will check it out do the victim need to present his/her licence or not.
  11. Police will attend if someone is injured so don't forget about whiplash!
  12. also never, never admit fault, your insurance contract likely states that explicitly. and is a nice get out of jail free clause for the companies, especially if their assessment is different to yours.
  13. That's why you should grab as many details of the vehicle and description of the driver as you can. If it's a stolen vehicle then I'm sure all those details would be of great interest to the police. And in the case of the driver being a vehicle thief, what's to say their licence is legit anyway? :eek:

    As far as checking it out, I'm happy with Zippy's ascertion, given his occupation. :LOL:
  14. They are welcome to make it all up. So make sure you get the rego right and do your police report and pass on details to the insurance company. If it's found out that they've given false details then the police will follow it up with the registered owner to attempt to find out who was driving at the time.
  15. I had plenty of accidents in a car I used to have (the crash magnet). I got so blaze about it, that the VERY first thing I said to the other driver was "May I please see your licence" and they usually hand it straight over.

    Some of them would ask if I was a cop, and I'd answer "Does that matter?" It shouldn't.

    Anyways, get hold of their licence, and copy every detail of it down, and also get the rego.

    There was a time when one wouldn't hand it over, or give me any details at all, so all I could do was record the rego number and car details. Took that to Vicroads, only to find out it was from a stolen car, and didn't belong on that car at all..... So, got nowhere with that one.

    I had 11 accidents in that car (in 12 years), only ONE of them was my fault and very minor - OK!!!

    Thankfully (touchin lots of wood), its been about 7 years since the last accident. Good thing I got rid of that car me thinks :)
  16. That's why get the Vehcile detail from the Rego sticker!!!! Not the number plate and it's body for the model, then at least you can check out they are matched or not, and it's expiry date too!

    When I reported to police about that accident, they asked me do I know the expiry date for that rego, I did drop everything down from the Rego sticker!!

  17. Lesson learnt?