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What you normally wear while riding.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Anthony88, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Looking into buying some riding gear but not sure of what approach I should take. I plan on doing some rides down the coast and that but also plan to do alot of short rides around town and to the shops. Do you guys usually wear something like the dainese safety jacket under a shirt and jacket (with padding removed from the jacket) for longer rides, and then just wear shirt with a jacket and its padding placed in it for short rides to the shop. This is all assuming that you wear kevlar jeans and boots where ever you go, short or long rides.

  2. ATGATT : T-shirt, Octane Jacket/Rjays in winter, Rossi Boots, Draggin Jeans, Gloves, Shoei Lid.
    Never tried wearing my jacket under my shirt yet :shock:
  3. Any rides longer than a 1 km round trip, I wear:

    Rjays All Seasons jacket (textile with armour - never removed)
    Draggins Jeans (or Camo's)
    Falco Axis boots
    Alpinestars Octane gloves (or Dririder Storm's when cold/wet)

    And of course, a Shoei lid.

    I only have a bike now, so my riding includes short trips around town, commuting and weekend long rides.

    Naughty boy that I am, I usually squid to the local shops (less than 500m away) to buy food and stuff.
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  5. ATGATT here too: Spidi R-Type (H2Out Red) jacket, Draggin jeans w/ CE foam armour inserts, Alpine* Gloves, Alpine* Effex touring boots.

    And a helmet, natch (Shark RSX, but I'm not very happy with it - N O I S Y. I've heard their other helmets are quieter. Not that I wouldn't wear earplugs anyway.. but..)

    Oh, and some cheap waxy-nylon overpants for wet weater.

    Want a better back protector than the CE foam insert, just in case.

    I <3 waterproof gear (the H2Out jacket, Effex boots). Removable winter and/or waterproof liners in jackets are the bomb too. I figure, the more "flexible" your gear is (quickly adaptable for hot/cold, dry/wet), the easier to is to wear as second-nature. :)
  6. That link is to Apline* boots, but I know what you're referring to.

    Don't think a lot of people wear the safety jackets. Mostly just normal jackets (leather or textile) and some people swear by back protectors, especially for long trips through the twisties.
  7. If I'm going to the national park, I wear a two-piece leather suit, spine protector, and boots. With my skills, I need all the protection I can get :LOL: If I am just riding around Sydney, I wear normal shoes, kevlar jeans, and skip the spine protector. Helmet and gloves, of course, in either case. With full gear, after sitting at a few traffic lights, I am always drenched in sweat. With jeans, I usually end up a bit sweaty and flustered, but I feel a bit naked even in that. Bare ankles exposed :shock:
  8. oops sorry, didnt realise what atgatt meant till ten secs ago. :p
  9. I wear a IXON jacket with all armour inserted. Dri rider gloves a Nolan helmet and regular jeans and sneakers.

    Jeans and sneakers are not a good combination and I plan on getting some better stuff in the next week or so.

    Try and wear your gear with all the armour all the time if you can but this is not always practical. You have to way up the risks and cost and make the decision for yourself as its your skin.
  10. .. a big smile....
  11. Ixon jacket
    Torque "Shift" kevlar lined jeans
    Alpinestars gloves
    Nike air Lebron's (comfy and perfect for riding)
    and KBC helmet.

    Jeans are so fresh u can wear em out and no one will know.
  12. T-Shirt

    Helmet of course..
  13. no body armour or protection? Gloves? Ur takin the piss right?
  14. Singlet, Boardies and Thongs...

    Dainese Leather jacket
    Draggin Jeans
    Rjays Gloves
    Shoei Lid

    On the odd occasion I wear normal jeans and until I get proper boots I just wear sneakers (with the laces tucked away)
  15. :shock: Ahh I see, its more like body-armour eh .. :wink:
    Yep, all the time, even to the local shops. I have worn a 'parker' once to the shops cause i was lazy. But I have this fear of 'Murphy's Law' ..
  16. Hey Anthony88,

    I pretty much wear the same thing no matter where I ride, just used to always wearing my gear.

    Draggin Jeans
    Jacket with armour (you don't have to buy the armour separately)
    A* Boots

  17. What she said, but a few sizes bigger for me! :LOL:
  18. Many people out their wear back protecters?
  19. I reckomend you get good gear, not just cause itll save u. honestly a $300 leather jacket will probably give the same protection as a $500 one.

    The real benefit is that if you have good gear that you like, you will always want to wear it. My A* ATL Jacket is fcuking awesome, i reckon it looks damn hot too, so i wear it just round the corner as with all my gear.

    I bough a dry-rider freeway jacket, but just dont like it as much so i only wear it theese days if im going to ride and i know its gonna be wet.

    get gear that you will want to wear. If u want to wear a back protector than get one. But theres no sense having a $300 back protector "protecting" your wardrobe while your sliding down the road

    my 2c
  20. If I am going "riding" I wear a full suit with a back protector, boots, gloves, and lid.