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What You Need...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fuzzy, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Saw this somewhere... it might have been posted before, if so, apologies :)

    The idea is to type your name followed by 'needs' into google and see what comes up. You can't pick and choose, you have to take the first result that comes up (that means something :wink: )...

    So what do you really need??

  2. Mine ~

    Rebecca needs enlightenment

    Bec needs to develop a sustainable youth development programme ( :? whatever, I cheated and took the 2nd option)

    2nd option - Bec needs some kind of focus

    Fuzzy was harder, had to read through 6 results of jargon before I found - Fuzzy needs your help

    :roll: Pretty accurate, really :LOL:
  3. Chris just brought up a blog.
    2wheelsagain brought up a NR post about ZZR's :?:

    Maybe I dont need anything.
  4. tony needs his booboo's kissed ..... :roll:

    I have no idea what it is and I'm not going there at work either...

  5. Arno needs a second chance =/
  6. And for TonyE I get

    TonyE needs to trade his EP3 for Civic coupe

    (An American Honda Car forum - and no, it's not me :mad: )
  7. First result eh??

    Fourth one was a Netrider linky though...
  8. Edited OP just for you Pete. Even though we all think you're D'FABULOUS and pretty unique :p
  9. I tried a few others :LOL:

    Vic: - The Beast. Old Vic needs a home. No sissies ...

    Paul: - Hornet Needs to Show Some Class :LOL: (OK I cheated it's the second one)

    Inci - Inci needs ideas for things that he doesn't already have :LOL:
  10. 'Ktulu needs his food"

    "Ktulu needs to eat"

    "Ktulu needs to be happy"
  11. 'Kay so I've just gone through 6 pages of google hits for "pete the freak needs" and there's nothing thats makes any sense.

    So, for "Pete needs":

    Oh, save me Jebus!!!! :grin:
  12. Jake Needs To Jack It Up :LOL:

    relates to an article about the Springboks

    and number 2 is:

    Jake Needs Red

    really shite poetry!
  13. "Nate needs a haircut..."

    how dull!
  14. Loz needs some Lovin'

    LoZ needs voice acting, not just grunts

    loz needs to change his avatar

    LoZ needs blood and mature themes

    LoZ needs more bosses that actually sword fights you

    Loz needs to get to an experienced vet, preferably one who is skilled in orthopaedics

    LoZ needs a good, non-cheesy ending

    Wow, that last one's my favourite - how the hell did google know my ending was a little cheesy?
  15. Nutting under peeahh...

    "PIA needs to be an integral part of the project planning process rather than an afterthought."


    I have no idea? :shock:
  17. "edwin needs to stop phukkin jackin of...."
    "Edwin needs someone who is clever than he is as a ..."

    mmm i don't like this game

    "ed needs more good years"
  18. whichever way you spell it (other than carri which doesn't exist), i'm apparently in need of some luvin.

  19. Seany.
    1. Seany needs to get away from her.
    2. Seany needs a punch for that!


    1. Sean Needs Five Cakes
    2. Sean needs a bigger cannon!
    3. Sean needs to learn how to finish amongst the trees.
    4. Sean needs money
    5. Sean needs no 'special' treatment