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What you got for Christmas?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Joe Debono, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Nice jacket, looks great feels so comfortable!
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  2. Nice bells.
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  3. Nice
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  4. Never been much of a fan of the brand logo jackets.

    I'm getting new pipes and grips for the Harley.

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  5. I got these cheapie mirrors from chinabay to replace my stock spatulas. Still undecided as to whether I like them or not.
  6. They are totally badass!

  7. I wasn't a fan either but I scored this one at a great price, it has brilliant venting for hot riding, a removable hoodie liner (also branded) which can be worn separately!

    I love the Victory, not bothered at all by advertising the fact.
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    sideshow bob.

    We bought ourselves a Chrissy present for both of us to share
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  9. I have made a list for the wife and send emails to my son with hints and web site links. Could be, two way bluetooth , bike specific GPS or a GoPro?
    Giving my wifes hatred of all things I appreciate, it will most likely be a pair of socks?
  10. you think you will get a pair, maybe one sock for xmas and the other for your anniversary lol
  11. Not bike related but I'm getting a brand new computer for Christmas :D
  12. Nothing too fancy, but got a HART gift voucher which will cover most of the cost of my licence course/test so I can get rid of this silly L plate in a couple of weeks :)
  13. His and hers Vstroms. Mine is grey, hers is black. Photos to follow soon. We picked them up in the week before Christmas. They already need their first service.
  14. Got a contour +2, pretty smick, but also got blown fork seals for christmas so i cant exactly test it out. Also picked up some sunnies.
  15. Vouchers for AJ's (the local bike shop) no doubt will used to pick up a new lid (perhaps) and a tankbag
  16. Woo hoo, two weeks since the order and just finished my first ride with the new pipes. Not too offensive in the suburbs, nice note when I'm cruising along. I like them.
  17. The Scarver and an Rjays Diamond leather jacket
  18. Half litre Stein, candle care kit (I can't explain it either except that two others got one as well), two bags of munchies and folks gave me a holiday voucher. Suppose I could include a live performance with chamber setting of moonlight sonata and a few other piano classics. Other than that, a bit to drink, whole lot of laughs and a safe drive home.
  19. for the illiterate ones like myself; pics pics pics
  20. Bike related, only two items.