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What year R1?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by diro, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Hi guys. Want to buy an R1 within the next week or two. I was curious as into what the differences are between the models ranging from 2002 onwards. I know that 2002 is when EFI started but I know little other than than. Also, how much should I be looking at spending?

    My budget at the moment is 13k max. Cheers.

  2. 2004 onwards is the way to go....

  3. blah blah blah....

  4. From what I understand, 2005 and 2006 models are ridiculously overgeared to do something like 180kmh in first gear, which makes them difficult to ride in traffic and sort of takes away from the joy of having such a powerful bike, as within the speed limit you can't use more than 50% of your bike's power.

    The 2004 was (i think) the first with the cool underseat exhausts, which is roughly the current bodyshape. I'd say the 2004 is the pick.
  5. [img:242:358:74cab352ba]http://www.internationalhero.co.uk/d/darth.jpg[/img:74cab352ba]

    I find your lack of empathy... disturbing.
  6. yep your right there.

    03 - have the black swing arm (not up side down) have LED tail lights with the side exhaust.

    04 - are the ones wiith the underseat exhausts.

    Ive been looking and r1's are still pretty expensive.
    I think it might even buy a honda cbr954rr - although i only want a red and black one and theres not many out there at the moment
  7. They are all pretty awesome bikes.....
  8. Just a noobish question about the R1: where is the reserve switch for the fuel tank?
  9. There isn't one. A light shows up on the dash when you've got around 4 litres left.
  10. What fuel?

    R1's run on rider satisfaction for each V8 ute that is vanquished at the lights.
  11. go 2004+ under seat exhaust may not do much for the performance but looks gr8.

    1st gear is a beauty .... and if u are into wheelie this is the bike ....
  12. Exactly the current body shape actually - 2006 model has a slightly longer swingarm...2007 some bigger changes happening...

    Easy fix to the over gearing - 15 tooth front sprocket...very very common mod....and anyway I spend my time in 2nd or 3rd in traffic anyway - 6th is for main straights on race tracks....

  13. Aha... so 4 litres. Probably wouldn't get too many kays from that amount would you?

    Do you do a lot of vanquishing? :)
  14. enough - I wouldn;t plan on more than 30kms...depends on how much throttle you have open.....you don't buy a 1000cc sports bike for fuel economy....

  15. You bet your sweet bippy!
    [I don't know what a "bippy" is, but apparently yours is sweet]

    I haven't found the Hyundai yet that can overcome the awesome, effortless power of my 250cc Motorpsychle!
  16. Ahhh those fearsome Hyundai's... Korea's way of saying "I have no artistic taste." Perhaps you could attach an arm patch with "You betcha bippy!" to your jacket and just give it a pointed tap when next you line one of them up? :wink:
  17. How about the 2002 model? I kinda like the old side style exhaust over the underseat version. Any known problems/deficiencies on this model or the 03?

    There's an 02 going for 13,5 at a dealer. Link below:
  18. Depends on the throttle use. Anything between 50-80kms.

    Will approach 21kms per litre on an R1 if being conservative (constant throttle and speed and 95kph). Will get as bad as 14kms per litre if being aggressive. At a race track, as low as 12.