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What year for Suzuki SV650S?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Chief, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. The SV650S has been around and I am considering one of these as a next bike. (commuting, touring, fun, general stuff) The post 2003 bikes are fuel injected and in my opinion have better styling but are obviously more expensive than the pre 2003 bikes. Is getting a post 2003 bike worth the extra $$ or are will the riding experiences be similar?

  2. Great little throw around bike with a nice little kick at any rev range. Biggest dif you will find is with petrol consumption. Other than that if you were saving anything up to 1G on a pre 2003, spend that spare grand on a few mods to make it quick... like k&n filter, elec ignition kit, etc...
  3. Not too much difference with the older ones , the styling is different (better) on the earlier ones and they are not as well equipped as the new ones.

    But the bike itself is a great choice and very reliable and loads of fun.
    I use a 2000 model without the fairing for daily courier work and it handles the city work well. Most of the Sydney couriers are using the trailbike version (DL650).

    Get a cheap used one for 5 or 6 grand and spend the rest doing it up and you will love it.
  4. You're pretty much on the ball, there is the styling differences, EFI and that is about it. If you can live with a carby bike then save yourself the cash and look around for a good one. :)
  5. I originally was looking for an 04/05 model - but didn't seem to be any around (I'm not a particualy patient person) I then looked at an '03 model - added up the costs & for $1G more bought new - orc included plus oggy knobs fitted. I'm happy :)
  6. SV650s

    I'm looking at a 1999 (built Dec 1998) for $3,000 and I would like to know what to look when inspecting this bike. Is the SV650 well known to have any problems?

    I'm upgrading from my CB250 and I would hate to lose the reliability for a little more grunt.

    I'm making the big decision this weekend the 17th.

    Paul "Ride like everyone else is out to kill you"
  7. $3000 for a 99 model sv?
    Howmany kilometers?
    Things that have happened is coolant leaking, apart from that not much else asfar as I know. I'd also be checking things like suspension and the usual wear and tear items.

    $3000 sounds super low.