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What would you use???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Noodie Pooh, May 19, 2007.

  1. Hi all, just thinking...

    A) what would be a good bike to use as a stunter, if you wanted to learn stunts like wheelies, stoppies etc.?

    8) a bike for use on trackdays for someone who is 85kg+ and 6'1" tall?

    C) would make a great streetfighter?

    Pooh is looking! :shock:
  2. Speed triple
  3. yay for the triumphs :grin:
  4. z1000

    oh yeah you've already got one
  5. the stunters themselves say cbr600f4i
  6. Thanks guys, was more thinking about different bikes for each aspect, not one size fits all. What is required, ie. stunter, good breaks, grunt without top speed, etc.?
    Otherwise the Z would do! :grin:
  7. CBR600F - can pick up an F2 or F3 for about $3k, they streetfighter well but go nice and quick if the fairings are one. Downgear with a pizza tray rear sprocket for serious stunting, but a 1up, 1down will be enough if you're just learning. F4i would be perfect but it's an $8-10 grand bike and unless you're willing to chuck that much money down the road an F3 would do a great job.

    Talk to N*A*M, www.frontupfreestyle.com - that's what he's been stunting for a while.
  8. Thanks Loz, yep, the cheaper option would be better, not intereted in dropping a gold brick on it's side every few meters till I get it right! :grin:
  9. OK, what about a track bike?
  10. How long is a piece of string?

    Go to a track day and see the immense diversity of rides there. Just about anything sporty can do it.
  11. The CBR6F was the supersport of its time, it would make a great multipurpose bike if you could be buggered fitting the fairings and changing back to stock sprockets for track days.

    Otherwise, I'd be thinking VFR400, ZXR750/ZX7R, any 600 with an R in the title. None are super cheap... Although there's often dedicated track bikes for sale with fibreglass and no road gear for around the $4k mark.
  12. Yeah I was thinking z750 or z1000 or cbr600f4i.
  13. +1

    The more R's the better :D
  14. A dirt bike if starting out on the stunts....

    Track bike anything with a friggin R in it have a look on here for track bikes..
    Go to classifieds Ads

    Do u want a 250 stroker, a 400 eg VFR or a 600 SS or does the brain allow a SBK??
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