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What would you put in your dream home

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lukestuart1, May 26, 2011.

  1. Hey guys.
    Me and a few others from work are sending around an email of our dream home, we keep adding to it to see what it looks like by the end of it.
    There are absolutely no limitations, so let your imignation run wild

    SO here is my list of my dream home:

    • Secret doors and hidey holes
    • Full size library. Includes such dusty tomes as the dead sea scrolls, original print Charles dickens novels, etc
    • The library also includes a massive fireplace and a tiger skin on the floor
    • A full size underground Cinema (ok, maybe not full size, but latest room for 50 people with candy bar
    • Located on Cockatoo Island with helipad and jetti
    • Bowling Alley with 2 lanes
    • Indoor gymnasium with a giant climbing wall and swimming pool and squash courts
    • An Aquarium room, which is a room made out of fish tanks filled with all exotic fish
    • Games room. Contains:
    1. Wii
    2. Xbox 360
    3. PS3
    4. Pinball machine
    5. Daytona racing car game

    • A garage that can house 15 cars, and when you drive your certain car into the drive way, it automatically recognises which car you are in by RFID. Then a hydraulic plate takes you down to that cars certain parking spot
    1. Ferrari Gemballa (http://news.drive.com.au/photogaller...lectedImage=16))
    2. Lamborghini SV LP670-4 (http://www.topgear.com/uk/tags/Lamborghini-SV-LP670-4)
    3. Pagani Zonda (http://pagani-zonda.info/images/wall...er-857263.jpeg)
    4. Rolls Royce Phantom (http://www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com/phantom/)
    5. Aston Martin One-77 (http://www.one-77.com/)
    6. Bugatti Veyron (http://www.bugatti.com/en/veyron-16.4.html)
    7. HSV W427 (http://www.hsv.com.au/w427/) I know its trashy and a holden, but it’s a collectors car
    8. Porsche 550 Spyder (http://maydanoz.files.wordpress.com/...550-spyder.jpg) I think it’s from the 60s. I’ve only ever seen one.
    9. Ford GT40 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_GT40)
    10. McLaren F1 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McLaren_F1)
    11. Nissan R34 GTR V-Spec II (http://chrisnz.com/nissan-r34-gtr-mspec-nur/) (my dream car)

    I am noly new to bikes so i dont know what bikes i would put in just yet

    So, post up your dream home and see what mega home we can get by the end of this
  2. How are you going to drive off Cockatoo Island?
  3. double glazing
    decent cavity wall insulation
    decent roof space insulation
    draft excluders

    .....in Victoria you'd be dreaming if you expect to get these as standard
  4. hehehehehe

    an underground secret personal driveway tunnel that goes under the harbour, and has 200 exits, one ending up in brisbane, the other in melbourne, the other into the biggest banks vault of monies and the other in hawaii!

    or not...

    my dream home:

    *all my current things and bits and pieces
    *a huge solid heavy wood dining table - can seat 8 people - square
    *a huge shed - connected to the house by a door), which would house all tools and all my vehicles (read - 3-6 bikes and one ute or kombi and probably a mini or something cute and little)
    *a chill out area with nintendo 64, wii, ps3, and xbox360 with all the games i like and might play. pool table, a huge spa and every single dvd i've ever wanted to watch, all the ones i've liked and all the ones in the future i will want to be added automatically. bean bags and really comfy awesome couches
    *king sized bed
    *3 or 4 bedrooms, a study, two bathrooms, a big kitchen with fridge always stocked with good stuff, easy to think "i want this for dinner" and then just have the ingredients there (ie, i would need lots of money to go shopping for food every week hahahaha)
    *a heated indoor pool
    *a spare lounge area for when friends are over and wanna watch their own movie etc
    *a boxer dog
    EDIT: oh, and $100,000,000 lying in a big safe secretly on my property.
  5. In my dream home I'd have all the usual stuff plus a separate room for all my dream bikes - something like Jay Leno has. There's man who is living the dream.
  6. A really enormous lathe and milling machine, the choicer contents of half a dozen of my favourite scrapyards, every rusty old car, bike or piece of Victorian engineering I see and feel sorry for, a huge library with one of those wheeled laddery things to reach the higher shelves and a fireplace big enough to roast an ox in.

    Oh yes, and a moat, high walls and a run for the pet tigers around the perimeter.
  7. I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
  8. +1...indoor race track with weather control...or under ground...or half and half...hmmm
  9. A Holodeck and the computer has an enormous database of hot women, bikes, cars, planes, helicopters, guns, racetracks and just about anything you can think of to fill it. I don't think I'd ever leave the room...
  10. Always dreamt of buying a disused warehouse or hangar, building a house inside it, and devoting the rest of the space to bike storage and a massive, fully-equipped workshop.
  11. * Track - High performance go-karts
    * Indoor Shooting Gallery
    * Collection of 20 classic/most drooled-over motorcycle of all time with workshop
    * Global Express corporate jet parked in hangar, with fully paved taxiway leading to a private 2km bitumen runway.
    * Largest screen for viewing sport/racing events (MotoGP, F1 etc) above a landscaped resort-style swimming pool, containing spa, waterfall and pool bar
    * Bikini-clad babe models (replaced every week) polishing motorcycles, Ferrari/Lambo/Audi etc vehicles, swimming naked......

    I think I just woke up from an 'unrealistic' dream ;)
  12. Two old pinball machines. Kiss and Supersonic.
    Massive and expensive sound system.
    A wall of humidified glass cabinets for my guitars
    Hot tub
    Fully stocked and operational bar.
    Gumball machine full of pinga's
  13. Well now you're just talking about luigi's mansion.
  14. ..would love to build a dream home around a huge tree(s)... have the trunk(s) and branches as part of the structure....
  15. Striper pole
  16. Damn...forgot to mention that one - next to the swimming pool, surrounded by big kick ass screen, spa, waterfall and pool bar...

    Might have a word to the architect for leaving this out !

  17. wife and kids.
  18. oh, yeah and a big ass projecter screen with all the foxtel movie channels, incl the ones you gotta pay for ($5 per movie etc)
  19. Now you got me thinking. Dirt track with jumps and ramps, a bunch of buggies with paint ball guns strapped to the front of them. Also a go kart track with paint ball gun fitted karts...let the fun begin!