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What would you pay for this Shoei helmet ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Hi Gang ...
    Having worn my nitro helmet out in 6 months :shock: ( 6000 klm )
    I cannot afford to buy my New arai vector yet, so have opted to bid on this 'used' shoei lid << YES I know I said USED :cry: , it will have to do for a while ( then I'll use it as a pillion lid )
    Just wondering, what should I pay max for this Shoei ( XR100 - Troy Lee Design ) at least thats what I think it is.
    Bidding ends tonight.


    PS. I know one should never buy a used helmet ... but I can always get a new liner/cheek pad right?
  2. I wouldnt pay more than $150-200 they can be had for <$500 new now.
  3. I'd never buy a used helmet. When I bought my SV the owner was supposed to throw it in with the deal, but after we agreed on the price he said no it was $30 if I wanted it. Said no straight away. I'm sure it cost a few hundred, and having a second helmet would be nice, but anyone I'm going to have as a pillion is going to be someone I'd not like to see dead.

    If I WAS going to buy a second hand helmet, it'd certainly not be from ebay. Even if it has no visible signs of damage AT ALL, I still wouldn't buy it.

    Then again, as I said, I wouldn't buy a second handle helmet, at all, ever.
  4. I'd rather buy a brand new <100 buck cheapo helmet than buy a used Shoei with an unknown history. At least you can be sure the cheapy meets Australian Standards.
  5. +1

  7. Yeah it was a bit rude after he'd already confirmed twice that it would be thrown in.. Pah, I don't care :)
  8. [-X Very Un-Australian and obviously has little integrity.

    Was probably fea infested anyway mate :p
    Good for you for not giving in :beer:
  9. Mate.
    1. It's second hand. Dont buy.
    2. Have you tried it on? Dont buy.
    3. Put whatever you were going to pay on a new lid.
    You dont have to pay top shelf prices but the bl00dy thing has to fit.
  10. :LOL: :LOL:
    You lot usually manage to pull me back into line, and have yet again.
    Have decided to wait a while and get the arai vector when I can afford it.
    Dumb ass idea in the 1st place eh :p

    Thanks again
    Wondering why the nitro deteriorated so quickly, as I thought they were of reasonable quality when I bought it.
    Chin strap retaining clip >> tore off at other end
    Visor sealing >> sucks
    Fit >> no longer snug
    When I tried it on, it was firm and comfy, I guess I shouldve been after very firm and slightly uncomfy?? in order for the helmet to 'bed-in' ??
    DOnt wanna make the same mistake with the arai
  11. Hey VCM, I was going to ask how you wore out a helmet in six months, because I had heard bad things about Nitros, but you have mostly answered that.

    Fit no longer snug: Happens to all helmets, which is why it is a good idea to buy one that fits, but is as tight as you can bear. Also good to buy one where you can replace all linings, and there aren't many available that actually do allow this.

    Visor doesn't seal: Yeah, I had to adjust my RJays visor retaining plates, and use double sided tape to stop them moving over time. But I managed to convert a poor seal to a good seal.

    Chin strap tore off at the end: Unless you abused it, run away from that brand fast. That should never happen. After all, a helmet that comes off in an accident is no use at all, and if the strap breaks through normal use in six months, something is really wrong.

    Good decision not to buy the Shoei.

    PS: What was the warranty on the Nitro? Surely it was one year at least, and the broken strap would be covered? A replacemetn Nitro could last you until you can afford a an Arai.
  12. Fit no longer snug: Yep, my next lid ( arai ) is gonna be as snug as I can handle without being too uncomfy << lesson learned

    Visor doesn't seal: I did the same, infact I had to pack the plate in order to stretch the visor so it closed firmly against the seal

    Chin strap tore off at the end: Wasnt the actual chin strap, but the strap that had the female clip that held the chin strap from flapping

    Good decision not to buy the Shoei. >> I agree !

    PS: What was the warranty on the Nitro? Havent asked .. and to be honest rather not, just wont buy another Nitro.
    That said, in all fairness I have rode over 6000km with this helmet.

    I found a arai vector at bikemart Ringwood for $512 :shock: which includes our 'netrider' discount. Will look to purchase it within the next few weeks :wink:

    Take Care and Thanks !
  13. Tight and uncomfy mine was and now it fits like a dream. Oh I have an AGV and it's been a ripper