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What would you of done?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Slade, May 27, 2007.

  1. Ok well here i was riding around bendigo today, lovely day.
    Mate in toe just cruising around when a bike pops out in front of us from a side road.

    The rider spots us and seems a little interested
    I am following reasonably close (no not up his arse)
    and the fella waves me up the left side.

    Confused as hell im wondering does he want me to pass him or come say gday and shake his hand while im riding my bike :eek:

    Anyhow so confused as hell i just kept riding as i was. Again the hand goes down, and im thinking wtf?

    THen a few minutes later it seems like he got the shits, gears down n boots his bike and takes off..

    Did i offend this poor fella or what? or didnt like a 250 following him? :D

    any thoughts?
    Bike was a VTR 800 or something i believe, red white and purple?

  2. whatever he wanted doesnt matter.

    if u were at a set o red lights its different. you have every right to ignore him and did the right thing.

    you dont wanna go around trying to figure out what people want [unless a danger is involved] because it would be rude of you to share the lane in motion and you cant be expected to guess.

    just forget about it

    stump it up! :cool:
  3. Why??
    It's completely legal to ride two abreast in one lane.
    I would have ridden up along side him and said gday.
  4. u better re-read the motorcycle handbook, and/or the training program.

    1 bike, 1 lane.
  5. It _is_ legal to ride 2 abreast in Victoria, I'm not sure about other states.

    It isn't legal for the bike in the left side of the lane to overtake the bike in the right side of the lane but it is legal to pull up to the point at which one is level with them.

    However the recommended riding method is staggered.
  6. 'What would you have done?' 'Mate in tow'

    No charge. ;)
  7. As Bravus noted "What would you have done?", PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    And Stump is right; one bike, one lane. Of course we all sidle up to another rider at the lights and say 'Hi', but you should drop back behind once the light turns green.
  8. He's in Bendigo, so your silly Sydney laws don't apply here :p Two abreast IS legal in Vic :wink:
  9. Sorry, I didn't take into account the vagaries of regional Victoria :LOL: :p.
  10. Road rules on this point. #151:
    I had a look at regulation 403 and it deals with exceptions while in an organised racing event.
  11. Re: What would of you done?

    + 1 for ignoring him. -1 for the grammar. I've seen heaps more badder on here! :grin: :p
  12. Yes but 4) permits riding 2 abreast as long as they aren't more than 1.5m apart.
  13. Seems pretty clear to me, you can ride alongside 1 rider but not more than 1 rider.

    And that goes for NSW too :p

  14. did he pull out in front of you too close? perhaps they was trying to avoid you being pissed at them?
  15. +1 on two a brest in a lane.
  16. Yes the quoted regulations above state that you may not ride THREE abreast unless you are overtaking the other riders, or unless you are permitted to ride this way under regulation 403 of the Road Safety (Road Rules) Regulations 1999 (which incidentally is permission for an organised race or road event). Two abreast is perfectly legal in VIC.
  17. Would generally NOT ride next to a rider I don't know.

    Would have split up to him at the next said of lights or something and said G'day though.
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  19. the guy did not pull out to close to us. we actually caught him, being our speedy little selves.

    The gesture seemed friendly but was still confusing.
    As for riding abreast I know this is legal but it was not my intended question.

    The question was, WTF DID THIS FELLA WANT. A kiss? a friend, or just to confuse me :p

    Oh and for all you grammar nazi's :butt: <--- kiss it
  20. I was watching all this from a safe distance but was tempted to go up and say "P'nawn da. Nadolig Llawen!", which would have confused him as much as his hand signal did us being that it's Welsh for "Good afternoon. Merry Christmas!". :LOL:

    As Slade mentioned, the chap motioned with his left arm as opposed to the right. Had he done so with the right, I'd have took it to mean 'feel free to overtake'. I didn't want to drop in beside him as he had a big bike and I've still got L's and a slight inferiority complex.