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What would you have done?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cejay, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Driving into Westside coffee last night with Mrs Scumbag on the Monash I saw some appalling driving behaviour from a courier truck.

    There was a small car on the inside lane, travelling at about 105kmh. There was a lane to the left, but it was busy and about to end. The truck was sitting about a metre behind the car and closed up further flashing his lights. We were to the right of the truck and backed off to actually allow it to overtake on the right. He decided against it and harassed the car into the lane that was about to end before eventually changing lanes and doing the same in the right most lane.

    We were absolutely gobsmacked. The car was driving above the posted limit, the truck had come up behind it so I assume there was no reason for the antagonism. We made room for the truck to move if it wanted to.

    I don't normally do this, but given the recent accident in the tunnel (which we were approaching) I called the courier company who said they'd call the driver straight away. About that time the driver started to drive less erratically and less aggressively.

    I didn't feel that comfortable calling the company, but if you're going to drive so aggressively and so badly, don't do it with your employers telephone number on the back of the truck. The traffic was heavy so there was little or nothing to be gained by driving so hard and it would only have required one little mistake from anyone for a seriously bad accident to occur.

    So, what would you have done?
  2. I would have also called the cops.
    I have no problem with people doing there own thing, but when they intimidate others like that they deserve a baseball bat to the head.

    Tailgating and Intimidation are one of my pet hates on the road
  3. cejay, if the truck has one of those 'our drivers are expected to uphold high standards etc and a phone number' sticker on the back, then I ring if I think there is a need.

    We have many trucks breaking the law on a daily basis coming down Mount Ousley into Wollongong (it's a posted 40kph limit for ALL trucks). Often they pass each other. Since they're both supposed to be dong 40, someone is breaking the law. I have not had a bad response from the head office of the trucking companies when I have on the odd occasion rang in a reported dangerous or illegal behaviour from one of their drivers.

    And if your call clips the wings of some turkey who might try the same stupid stunt on a learner driver, or a fellow-motorcyclist, then so much the better.
  4. I would have called the cops if I thought for one moment they'd actually do something. Anyhow, I don't want the guy to get done, maybe just have his boss say to him that it's not a good look when one of their highly visible trucks harasses vehicles (and maybe potential customers).
  5. I probably would have done the same as you did Cejay, call the company make the complaint, give the details of the rego/whereabouts/time etc. but also keep a mental note of the company name.

    Some drivers recieve the pressure to drive the way they do from the company/boss that employ them, so the complaint could be falling on deaf ears. Therefore no harm in giving a wide berth or little bit more observation if again seeing this company's vans/trucks on the road for "just in case" scenario.
  6. We (some anyway) state how we should do the 'moral' right thing in regards to idiots on the road on here, might as well (and should) apply it to "real life" scenarios.

    You did well my friend, may have saved people from further harassment and/or accidents etc in the future. *thumbs up*

  7. I agree Cejay - you did the right thing :grin:

    I did a similar thing where a truck driver tried to overtake me on a busy one laned road - bursting with rush hour traffic in both directions, beacuse i'd filtered past him at the lights previously where all traffic was at a standstill...he wasnt happy about that for whatever reason and decided to try and run me off the road..

    Once i got to work i called his work and gave the rego...I dunno if it made any difference, but felt better knowing that I may have prevented him driving like such a tosser in the future...

    Sometimes people forget about consideration for others - just need a reminder every now and again - and looks like your reminder worked :grin:
  8. Call in an airstrike.
  9. I think you did the right thing, these practices of breaking the laws need to be adressed. Left unchecked the next time the driver could have cuased an accident. As mentioned perhaps a call to the cops, but I doubt there would have been nothing they could have done unless they had a car or bike near that part of the road to witness it for themselves. I have seen on this stretch of road similiar things and mostly by aggresive truck drivers.

    Cheers :cool:
  10. I run a Bus company not a truck company but they are both heavy vehicle transport companies.

    Speaking for us we value phone calls from people informing us of behaviour by drivers that just isn't good enough.

    Many times we simply don't know without these types of calls, although having passengers tends to increase the number of calls we get :)
  11. ZRX1200R, buses are different.

    Here in Sydney we wouldn't complain about poor, erratic, or reckless driving of a bus.

    We're too grateful that the farkin' thing turns up at all.
  12. I'd have called. If that didn't work I'd overtake and start throwing small children at the driver.
  13. Aren't those the qualities the Bus companies are looking for in their drivers :rofl:

    The company I work for has those dob a driver stickers on the back of all the fleet vehicles (not the management one's though) and from what I gather many of the complaints are from people with an axe to grind with the company or the driver outside of his/her actual driving abilites or actions.

    The other thing to consider in all this is that if you read in the paper the next day a report about a crash caused by said vehicle and you had a chance to stop it before it happened by a simple phone call......
  14. i deal with courier companies in my work, which one was it?
  15. You did the right thing, no need to feel dodgy about it. This knob probably drives like that after hours too, it's just that this time you had an opportunity to do something about it.
  16. What would I have done?

    Kill them and eat their tasty human flesh. Makes a great curry....
  17. +1

    I am such an #ss when I see this go on, I will purposely block someone from progressing (when I'm in the car), just to be an #ss to them. :evil:
  18. Yups, I've done it before. I've called courier componies, bus componies, and on one occassion (and very nearly a second) I've gone down to the cop shop to complain about some of the coppers driving. Couriers seem to be pretty bad, but I find often its the coppers that are worse because they feel like they think they are above the law and can do what they want.