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What would you have done?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by DirtyWizard, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Riding along Dandenong rd as I do every morning it was very busy. I was in the left lane tootling along with a good distance between me and the car in front (fortunately).

    I was using my lane as usual to avoid bad surface and give myself space between me and the cars in the lane next to me. I moved to the right of the lane after checking for other vehicles in the mirror and once completing the move glanced again.

    Oh crap the car behind is suddenly about 3 meters behind me doing 10-20ks more than me and acccelerating still so I gave the throttle a squirt and noticed the car brake hard to avoid hitting me.

    At this point I have to brake hard to avoid the car in front leaving about 2 car lengths in front. The car behind accelerated again pulling into the lane next to me at the last second goes around quickly indicates and pulls in front in what I can only assume was a f*** you manouver.

    10 meters later were at the lights and I'm right behind this person a little pissed off and a little full of adrenaline as well. You can imagine the abuse and rants I felt like subjecting this person to but I didnt (Ive read the post on the poor fellow who was followed an then run down).

    I kept them in front till the next set of lights leaving plenty of room and then filtered to the front to avoid them again.

    My only explanation is they were about to pass me without indicating when I moved to the right of the lane and thought Id deliberatly blocked them.

    What Im interested in knowing is what would you have done to avoid such an idiot Im not asking about retribution just stategies to get out of situations quickly.

    Oh and one more thing if you film incidents like this can it be used by the police?


    PS thanks for any replies
  2. Sounds like you handled it pretty well. i would have gesticulated a lot more than you did
  3. You did well in keeping your cool.

    One of the problems with the theoretical 2/3-second gap safety rule is that most fellow motorists will neither recognise nor respect it, and jump into the gap by whatever means necessary, thereby increasing the risks for all around them. Additionally, you may cop a shower of abuse for 'driving too slow'.

    I would recommend getting a helmet camera and uploading the footage, so that such morons can be identified and exposed on the interwebs. This will enable astute alert motorists to [hopefully] recognise and give them a wide berth.
  4. Only thing I can think of is to be aware of whether the car behind you is accelerating or drifting right. Unlikely you'll see their head check (if they even did one) and asshats don't indicate.

    Neat trick is to pull up, open the rear passenger door just before the light goes green (look to see if you can see the lock 'tab' up) and then take the next left. You leave them sitting there looking like a tool and are gone before they can follow.
  5. If I'm reading this right you remained in your lane the entire time, albeit moving about a bit in your lane? And some tool started accelerating into the back of you?
    I really like how you kept them in front of you for a while. It shows a calm head under some pressure, and that will serve you very well on the bike.
    If you're really looking for something to think about: remember there's a lane or 2 on your right, and you don't take up much room. You didn't mention it at all so it could have been out of the question as far as I know, but it's there; a quick flick into the next lane can help you avoid a sandwich sometimes...

    But seriously, from what you wrote I think you did an excellent job. Nice work.
  6. mate, you did the right thing by staying behind him and keeping a cool head!!
    there is nothing wrong in moving about in your lane.

    I do it all the time, to make myself more visible to cars coming in from side streets or cars about to turn thru my lane or just to get better visibility ahead and maybe look for an escape route to the side if the need be.
  7. I want the real nitekreeper back
  8. I certainly hope not. 'Cause it's only a matter of time before someone records me pulling mono's, stoppies, passing them at warp factor 10, dobs me in, and I have to walk everywhere.
  9. ^This. It seem that the 2/3 second gap rule = 1-2 car length at all speed. At least from what I've seeing. You leave a gap bigger than that and someone is going to speed up to overtake you, jump in the gap and then slow back down.
  10. Glad you are Ok, In Victoria regarding recording of video on the road I don't know. Vic Roads states:

    Filming on any road requires a permit from the relevant road authority. VicRoads is responsible for the management of all major roads and freeways in Victoria (except tollways). If you wish to film on a major road you will need to apply for a permit from VicRoads.

    So the situation is grey, I would say film used as evidence is probably Ok.
  11. You did well to avoid the idiot.

    You can always report the incident to the cops.

    Depending on the interpretation, you were the victim of a an assault with a vehicle, or the the victim of road rage... there are laws against both. If you get a decent copper, or push the issue formally, it will be investigated. Any evidence or witnesses you can bring forward will be considered in proving your claim against the other motorist... otherwise it's just your word against his.
  12. This is only relevant if you're filming a movie/documentary/advertisment/news etc, that might cause nuisance or risk to other road users... so no filming Mad Max 4 with your Mums handycam and your brothers cluncker, that huffs nitrous, without a permit.
  13. That would make sense but it doesn't actually say that explicitly, whenever rules a vague it can be argued either way.