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What would you have done?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ralph, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. I was on the M4 motorway a couple of hours ago. Fair bit of traffic, but flowing at 90-100kmh in the 90 zone.

    I was in the outside lane, with a about an ok (not brilliant) gap to the car in front.

    There were a few dicks on the road, one came up from the outside lane, i saw inthe mirrors, he cut across 2 lanes, to the inside, then back to the middle, and pretty much couldnt get anywhere as cars were all travelling about the same speed.

    Now, he is beside me with his move to the middle lane. What would you do at this point ? These were my thoughts of what I could have done

    A:) Slow down, so I am not beside him in case he decides to come over
    B:) Accelerate so I am in front of him, but then closing the buffer to the car in front
    C:) Stay where I am, but be aware of his aggressive driving and have an exit planned?
    D:) other_______

    I went with C. I could see the way he was driving, so i was aware there was a chance for him to come across - about 15-30 seconds, blinker came on and he started to come across. I was prepared for this, I had seen him head check (obviously a 'didn't see you bro'). So I covered by break when he head checked, and actually dropped back to his rear tyre after the head check, he proceed to come across, I gave the horn a squirt, he pulled back into his lane, arm out the window, to say sorry, and then slowed the Fark down. HE then stayed in his lane till he had to exit. Maybe a bit of a wake up for him.

    So did I do the right thing? What would of you done?
  2. Spot on to me,one problem with eyeballing dickheads is maybe missing other dickheads,you did good
  3. I would generally go with C, with a possibility of A coming into play if the situation exceeded a certain (personally set and not easily objectively defineable) level of risk.

    I would tend to avoid B in the situation you describe for the very reason you note; decrease in my forward buffer. There are times when it may be possible to avoid this by setting up to split the cars ahead, but I prefer not to split fast moving traffic (I'll do it if I have to) and, even if you do, there will, inevitably, be a few moments when you're perfectly positioned to be the meat in the sandwich if something unexpected happens as Mr Dickhead moves over behind you.

    The other thing that I will often do in such a situation is actually ride closer to the threat vehicle. For example, if he's on my left, I will stay in the LH wheel track in my lane. That has two benefits. (1) Mr Dickhead is less likely to perceive me as a "gap". (2) If he does start to move over on me, I have most of a lane width to escape into before he either notices me or makes contact. This does assume that I will give a substantial portion of my attention to keeping an eye on Mr Dickhead.

    All that said, as Zim has implied, you still need to be aware of everything else around you. More so, in fact, as events up ahead may make it more likely that Mr Dickhead will move into your space. Best to spot them before he does so you're ready.
  4. I usually do what Pat says, but I tap the rear brake a couple of times to warn the car behind that I might slow down without much warning.

    If the guy looks really erratic, my first instinct is to slow down and let him get in front of me, at least that way I can watch him, or get even further away. If I have to choose, I'd rather have a crazy in front of me than beside or behind.
  5. If I am next to a car I almost always try to get in the left wheel track and make eye contact with the driver. If you are just in front of his head and up close he cant help but see you ( you hope ).
  6. There's not really any right or wrong here, because its a fluid situation.
    Your primary goal is to stay safe, so i'd be out of there. Well away.

    If it was me i'd slip past the car in front and get out of the outside lane. If he reappears later behind you, then again, get away from him.

    Yes i know, but "discretion is the better part of valor", in these cases.

    Never challenge a car driver who's a dIck-head. Unless you are capable of escaping completely, if your plan does'nt work.
  7. I would have gotten out his way as soon as I realised he was a hazard, better to be pro-active than re-active.
  8. Quite right. Ya can't afford to get too focussed or stuck having to keep an eye on an eratic or aggresive driver. You will indeed miss spotting the other one, two...so if a bad position persists, use your bike for what it's best at. Be 'gone'.
  9. if he was driving agressively like you say I'd probably assume he was going to come across regardless of anyone else on the road, so I'd drop back and give him the room. I know it's rewarding bad behaviour but I'd rather he was off and away ahead of me.
  10. This is one situation where I will split, when shit looks like it's heading for the fan it's best not to be in the room at all.
  11. I would have probably dropped back, increasing the distance to the car in front to let him in. If we didn't have such ludicrous speed enforcement (or if I had a few more points left), I'd might have skeddadled.
  12. Split past the car in front and use the car as a buffer to the retard. Then pray like a mofo that they crash and I get to see it.

    D.1 :) continued_____

    Wait for the cops to arrive and give my statement about all of the awesomeness. Then politely inform the po-po that these cagers are waaay bigger dickheads than motorcyclists will ever be, and I'm really sorry about his blocked freeway problem but I'll be off now.
  13. I tend to forget about my tinted visor therefore waste of energy.
  14. Hey everyone. Thanks for all the feedback. Good food for thought. I am not much of a spliter - the thunderbird is too big. So I am thinking I should have maybe backed off to give him room and let him in front. All tried to find a way to put a car between him and me.

    Thanks again for the feedback.
  15. 4. Other_ Lifted my leg and give his car a good boot or two :p

    But seriously, i let them get on there merry way and drop back. But i've had other situations where the cars behind me literally not let me slow down with their bumper cms from my rear!
  16. I would not have just sat there and monitored him, I would have drifted back, or gone forward to where I was no longer beside his car. A tap on the rear brake to wake up the car behind is a good idea too.
  17. I would have dropped back. The problem too is that sometimes they do something so fast you can't get out of the way in time.

    Better to be alive than right sometimes....
  18. Tap the rear brake softly and slow down 5kmph or so for a bit to let him in front. not wrth it.
  19. I would have pulled back. Unless there was enough room for me to get infront of his nose.

    I HATE sitting next to a car (or truck or bus or ESPECIALLY scooter), whether they're driving like a dick makes no difference.
  20. cranked up the ipod.
    then casually remove desert eagle 44 magnum from tank bag and shoot him in the head point blank.
    then pop clutch and rock on