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What would you have done?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by fj45, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. G'day Guys on the way home from work on Friday I was cut off by a bloke in a Nissan Patrol towing a trailer. He was in the left lane in a two lane road turning a left corner he slowed down and put his hazard lights on. I was in the right lane coming up behind him when I seen his front wheel turn right, I pulled on the picks and stopped in the slip lane to turn right. He contined right up onto the traffic island stopped his car got out and walked over to his mate at the traffic lights to talk to him.
    I rode over and "kindly" told him what he had done he just said "I put my hazard lights on". How was I supposed to know that meant he was going to do something so stupid?
    I feel like I didn't buy a motor bike I brought a target for people to aim for.

  2. WELCOME to the world of motorcyling :shock: keep your eyes open
  3. "Oh yeah! I can see they say "F*CKWIT" now, but a lot of people don't know Morse code, mate. Perhaps you should get a sign."
  4. I'd have panicked, laid the bike down and then pulled out a shotty and blown him away! I'd have also made sure that from that point on I put my left glove on first before I got on my bike again.

    Come on guys wake up. This shit happens to us every day. Get over it.
  5. That's not what I meant and what's with the shoot 'em up sarcasim?
  6. It means don't stress about what other dicks do on the road, just worry about yourself. If you let stupid things like this bother you enough to have to jump on an internet forum and vent about it then you shouldn't be riding a bike.
  7. Mate - uncalled for.

    Have you ever been in a situation (early in riding) where you have vented to your mates about what a dick-head did on the road? Well, this person is doing the same thing. :)
  8. *sigh* Yeah I know. I'm just sick of reading these threads lately. Apologies to the OP :)
  9. +1.

    Wont be the last. Safe riding, mate :)
  10. +1
    Some of these threads have turned into a biatch session.

    "Like OMG, Like can you like belive what he did, like omg"

  11. I agree with you both. Some weeks it's Noob central in here.

    I understand people enter into the magical world of motorcycling with a certain amount of innocence. But the naivety displayed sometimes can be a bit frustrating.

    I understand the surprise and shock a person has when they first get out amongst it, it's a real eye opener. They have every right to get it off their chest until they eventually come to terms with it.

    But it would be neat if they all just posted into a single thread. It may open their eyes quicker to the fact that it's more common than they first realised, and they are not the only ones who have to deal with it.
    But as you said Dougz, they need to come to terms with sharing the roads with the mentally inept, cos it's never going to stop.
  12. It's much more fun to do it at the pub, though.
  13. Thats why this is a good community to talk about these things, we were all noobs once. People shouldnt rage so hard about peoples posts, just dont read em eh?
  14. Just to reinforce this message to the OP, keep an eye out for taxis as well. I was looking out for it and thought I was going to have an "OH $H!T" moment in the CBD the other night when I noticed the taxi driver ahead of me an on my left seemed to be looking around and not focusing on where he was going. I set up my brakes then quickly squirted past when I saw he was going to continue in a straight line rather than change lanes without looking. Yeah this sort of thing happens all the time but it can't hurt to remind others.

    Having just generally slagged off taxi drivers, there were some who moved over to let me filter my way forward when the light was red. They're not all inattentive but some are shockingly so.
  15. Oh i agree, up to a point.

    But this community is made up of the experienced as well as the inexperienced, which is what makes it so unique. Some of experienced folk contribute their time trying to impart their wisdom to those who seek it, and with a title like 'What would you have done?' it's bound to attract them eh?

    However the general wisdom about the OPs situation is HTFU and get used to it, hopefully the other Noobs who wander into this thread take it on board as well.

    Motorcycles are dangerous, get skilled up, get clued in, save your arse. End of story.

    What would i have done in the same situation? Gotten on with my life.
  16. Perhaps the site admins can create a new forum topic, entitled, 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' under the the 'On the Bike' section. That way folks still have a place to post about their road experiences for the day and other folk can choose whether to monitor that forum or not.

    As to the original OP, and as others have said, this will not be the last occurrence of a road near miss. Just stay alert, try to stay calm and just go on your merry way.
  17. ....plus it will give others a chance to see how prevalent it is.

    Works for me :)

    Dougz? Can you get your people to speak to their people?
  18. +2

    and give the guy a break, he is new after all, let him get used to the boards till we start drilling him :grin:
  19. Works for me too mate :) I'll do what I can ;)
  20. Thanks mate :)