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What Would You Do?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Turning into a street that turns into my street yesterday I come upon 3 people of Indigenous decent. 2 women pushing a stroller walking in the gutter on the other side of the road and a male walking on the road about a metre out from the gutter on my side.

    I’m not going quick as I’m setting up to turn right into my street.

    As I pass the hero he goes to chuck a long neck bottle at me from about 2 metres away WTF!

    I pulled up quick and turned around and go to put the side stand down and notice he is walking a bit quicker now. :evil:

    I’m tempted to go after him and give him a HJC Liverpool kiss and a Joe Rocket kevlar sandwich, but think better of it (maturity at 44?) after all it will be 3 to 1 and can invent any story for the coppers (menacing biker, thought they were going to be run down etc).

    If I had been Mrs 2wheelsagain she could have panicked and crashed.

    If he does it again and is on his own it will be different.

    Did I do the right thing? Has this happened to you? What would/did you do?

    EDIT: This street does have footpaths. Why they were on the road with a baby? Who knows..............
  2. You did the right thing mate.
    I'd report it though
  3. I dont know what I would do,but
    The Australian government would give him a free house and pocket money to buy more drinks
  4. I dont want this thread turned into a racist one, but it's a fair bet the above is the current status. :roll:
  5. If you did anything to him he would take it out on the next biker he sees, thats the kind of person who needs to be removed from society.

    and no i'm not racist I HATE EVERYONE EQUALLY!
  6. It's times like these I wish I could do an endo and swing the back wheel around at head height :twisted: Indigenous decent = untouchable by law.

    The sad thing is, it's not the full bloods that cause all the problems.
  7. Hi,

    Interesting situation. You did well by reading the situation and thinking better of it. You were morally correct.

    Personally, I would have kicked the attitude out of him, but thats me.... I have lots of pent-up frustration.... :eek: :grin: :LOL:
  8. And if you do nothing he will feel that he can do as he pleases with no consequences.
    At least to date this has always been where I have approached this from.
    This is what allows bullies to thrive.
    But where is the line drawn? When do you go from teacher to avenger to bully?
    And as 2Wag pointed out 3 people saying he came over unprovoked and started punching on with them, who is to say differently?
    More and more I am left with the view that Humanity sucks and there is F#$k all we can do about it.
  9. Sale is a small town and you don't want the hassle that might come with reporting it but what if it was your child that had the stubbie thrown at them? Tough one mate, maybe move to Loch Sport there are only retirees down there! :LOL:
  10. And then you would be always hit with noise and hoon complaints.
    “I don’t know these young wiper snappers making all this racket and hooning around on there motorbikes. In My day young people showed respect…â€
  11. Mate I did 3 years down there and grew another head in that time :shock:
    Dope head, p!ss head and dole bludger capital of Gippsland :!:
  12. aah the benefit of having a mum and grandparents who are locals, all the oldies know me and say "oh that Matti not a bad boy when you get to know him!" :LOL:

    Ha I have been going down there for Holidays since I was a baby and now mum lives there. Great spot to play not to live for me!
  13. You probably found a good compromise, although a decent knocking out of the attitude might have also helped him learn - hard to judge. Anyway, you made him shit himself and speed up his walking. Good!

    Personally, I would have been too wussy to even stop :oops: . I've had a couple of icecreams thrown at me before, but they missed, so I pretended I didn't even notice and kept going. They were 2 punk teens going for attention. If they got me, it might have been a different story.
  14. fcuk that shit i say. some people need to be taught. now im not one to throw my extra kgs around but if someone ( who cares what race etc etc etc ) is that stupid. pull over. stroll over. ask why they did that and do they understand how silly it is. let them taste your knee. back on bike. off you go. go to pub and have a few as when one of them tries to tell the fuzz you can say you were at the pub all afternoon. i couldnt care who you are but i lived on the edge of redfern once and will say no more. and !!! what if they hit your bike. then i would have tracked them down myself.
  15. Tough one..you obviously did the right thing.
    I always carry a mobile with me, so either;
    a: ring a few of your mate to ride past and see if he has the balls to do it again, or
    b: ring the cops, at a safe distance follow them to their house/drain and take it from there...pick out a scratch or dent on your bike and argue that the bottle caused it and follow it through (arrest, etc), or
    c: :evil: :evil:
  16. free respray courtesy of mabo
  17. Thanks all. I'm sure there will be a next time and I hope it involves me :mad:
    I'm off this week and will be out and about around the same time as yesterday :grin:
  18. keep us informed of your new mates
  19. How does this story change if the detail of the person's race is removed? Is it different at all? Is the impulse to act in any particular way different if we don't know the race of the person? Should it be?
  20. I think you probably did the right thing...

    The way I see it, life for these scum is about getting drunk and into fights (usually with each other)... so if you did get into fisticuffs with him, he probably wouldn't think much of it, and is probably too brain dead to stop him from going it again... mate, if they haven't learnt their lesson by now they ain't going to get it knocked into them...

    for them, it is just a normal day, so they aren't going to think much of it...

    unfortunately, it is just the untouchable attitude that means they are untouchable... only option really is to go to the cops, but good luck getting them enthused... they are just as frustrated as the rest of us...

    I say give them 3 times as much money, obviously the current amount isn't stopping the hatred... :roll:

    Full blood, half blood, no blood (you see plenty of white hangers on), it isn't that they are indigenous, it is that they are scum... could just have easily been a racist white (or any other colour) scumbag...