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What would YOU do?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Pommy, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I have a 1985 GPZ600R aka ZX600R or as some say "The first Ninja..."

    Now to look at it, it's original and in very good condition for a 23 year old bike - but - it looks dated and old.

    My question is... would you leave it original (I know the bike ain't worth much) or change the stickers/decals to ZX600R and also apply the "Ninja" stickers too like Pinks bike from this forum???

    Here is the bike (it's since had the rack thingy removed) -


    Cheers for lookin!


  2. I'd leave it alone.
    Never know, one of these days it might be considered a classic. There are people out there that actually prefer the styling of that era to most of the modern stuff (like me).

    Ha ha.. just kidding...!

    I suppose it comes down to taste at the end of the day - I want it to look a bit newer, that's waht I was aiming it.

    Has anyone ever done this - seen any pics etc?




    Aww mine isn't a Ninja.. I just found out :(

    KAWASAKI ZX600 A1-3, B1 NINJA 600R 85-87.

    Mine's an A1 - really really old..the 1st feb 85.

    Oh well.. that's the end of that!
  4. I duno if itd be legal, but if I was stuck with it Id rip the fairing off , make up some brackets to mount a different headlight and turn signals on, get it engineered and leave it naked. Its a little too nazi germany looking for my liking.. my 1c
  5. I fully agree mate.

    I Just updated the previous post too.

  6. This is actually pretty funny.. I am repainting most of my bike at the moment, thanks to an off on McCarrs, and I've been asking myself whether to go back to the original decals for the sake of authenticity.

    I still haven't really decided what to do yet but I think I'm gonna stick with the ZX5R stickers, they're kinda part of the bike now.

    p.s. the old GPZ stickers were a b!+ch to get off, so if you decide to change them, take your time.
  7. Better take care when doin hand signals on that thing mate. last thing we wana hear is u landin ur ass in guantanimo bay cos of a motorbike :p
  8. Your bike looks great - that's what gave me the idea actually!

    But is yours a Ninja? - Mine, sadly..isn't :(

  9. It is now..... :grin:

    They didn't start calling the 500 a 'ninja' till 1994 but the ZX5R stickers wouldn't look right without it.

    New paintjob, new bike.
  10. I just looked at yours again... why does mine look so old fashioned and shit in comparison??!

    What can I do to make it LOOK better?


  11. Make it naked. Look at the handle bars, then visualise it with the fairing off
  12. I get ya... but what about that bloody great whallop of a head lamp!?

    I just found one..

  13. Dont change it... Leave it in original shape. Sure we all change our modern bikes and do mods and bling them up.. But the old classics are so nice in gen condition.. :grin:
  14. Hey Blue - thanks for the input mate!

    I guess you are right, I'm trying to make it into a modern bike and it's just not gonna happen with it's old looks and STEEL frame I think I should ride it for a while and then get something newer and lighter.

    Although it does look nice naked...

  15. I'd matte black it and keep it a serious old banger commuter.
  16. Why would you matte black it?

    Didn't you look at the pic in the first post?

    And "old banger" ?...mate this is my first bike, so I don't really like that comment too much.

  17. Pommy, looking at that picture I would just leave her as she is. Maybe just paint the left side mirror to match the right & get the blue streak off the mid section of the frame and polish it up.

    But like you said mate, its your taste thats going to decide what you want to do with it.
  18. Like that...


    I cut the rack out too..

    Oh.. and it's a steel frame painted, so it won't polish up :(

  19. Could always repaint to match one of the other original colour schemes ie:
  20. No offense mate, I've just got great respect for old bikes that are still going 30 years down the track and I think theres alot to be said about not caring about them too much. For me thats kind of the point - painting it whatever you want with cheap paint this week, then changing it next week if you get bored. Not getting upset if you scratch it, etc. etc. Good fun.