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what would you do???

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dr650, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Hey all...i need a engine rebuild on my xr600 have been advised that it will cost around the 2000 mark.I can get a another xr for a similar price than that of the rebuild.Question ...Buy the other bike ..get the engine put in mine...plus all the rest as spares or sell off...or get the rebuild done .The engine of the other bike has no smoke rattles etc..only done 7000kms...what you all think?? cheers

  2. personally i'd get the other bike and keep the spares for yours.
    especially if the other bike has only done 7,000k's you would expect to get many more out of it. And if yours needs a new/rebuilt engine i would assume its has done some fairly serious k's so you may soon need the other spare parts.
  3. Why not buy the low kms bike, ride it and use your worn out bike for spares on the good bike when it needs them?
  4. You'd be nuts to fork out $2k on a rebuild if u can get the same
    bike for same amount in good condition.

    Buy the other bike & use your current bike as a 2nd bike for spares
    esp if the other bikes only done 7000km.. thats practically a new bike
    bro :wink:

  5. Yup definitly get the new bike and use it. I really wouldnt bother with swapping engines unless you really don't like the colour or something.
  6. no advise until you become more sociable!
    since joining you have made 30 posts , 3 in the politics section , 2 in multimedia and the rest are technical questions asking advise on repairing your bike each time.

    why is it we only hear from you when you want to know something ?
    cant just drop in and have a chat in the general discussion area ?

    well theres my advise , become more sociable .
  7. LOL at groberts
    man u are like the man who knows all the "post a topic"
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Glen, you shouldn't post stuff like that at 1:30 in the morning! It makes you sound like a grumpy old shift-worker, whereas everyone KNOWS that you are a ....er ....er ....ummm :LOL:
  9. I'd buy the second bike, build one machine out of all the bits, keep anything that useful from the remainder.

    I'd take the leftovers around to Grobert's place, pile it up on the front vehandah and then ring the doorbell, introduce yourself and invite yourself in for a coffee and a chinwag. He's a top bloke - always good for a chat - and he does good coffee.
  10. :LOL:
    yeah fill us in on your location, or better yet well get someone to track your isp and figure out your exact address... tomorrow you will have 16 bikers on your doorstep dragging you out for a coffee.

    on topic? Id ditto chairmans advice
  11. Why do you need an engine rebuild? Has the gearbox crapped itself? Is the head in need of work?
    "My bike needs a rebuild" is layperson talk for I have no idea how my bike works and am just going off what the guy at the bike shop told me.
    XRs are almost impossible to kill, so a bottom end rebuild is highly unlikely unless you've done 50,000k+. Top end is still unlikely but if that's the case then $2000 is way off the mark. Try a couple of hundred for new piston and rings and some head work.

    Seek a second opinion on the bike.