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What would you do?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. I've been bike less for a few months now (it sucks) I've test ridden a couple and i have a fair idea what i want but that's not what this is about.

    What would you do to stem the cravings? I want to ride soooo bad when i see a bike on the road i crack a huge smile and imagine its me riding it!

    I'm having serious withdrawal symptoms still, so here is it again What would you do so stop the cravings or subdue them?

    Ive already said Test rides, what else.....?

    Chasing Girls is a good one too.

    Make me a list.

  2. clockwork orange treatment
  3. i'll let you wash my bike for free if you ask nice...how's that? lmfao. :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Buy a cheapie second hand guitar or harmonica and start a second hobbie whilst this one is on hold. Music is great.

    Is your room clean? Clean it more. Hit the gym. Paint a picture of you going round the bend at phillip island and yeah, chase some girlies up. Once you get your bike it will be no time and then after you come home from that first ride after the break you'll realise how clean your house is! Super dooper.
  5. spend all day on the internet surfing p0rn
  6. Experienced the exact same thing when I lost my license. to satisfy my cravings I went out and bought the new MotoGP PS3 game and I tell you what, worked a charm.
  7. when I was without a bike for a while I did some courses at HART where they provide the bikes.
  8. Hitting the crack would take your mind off it. But, then again you might not come back from it.

    I'd suggest what sinner said. When I was in China for a year without my car or bike I was hard into the racing games.
  9. Yer, get some pov bike p0rn
  10. I go and ride my motorcycle.
  11. yeah, i go for a ride every time i get a cigarette craving. maybe take up smoking to take your mind off riding? :LOL:
  12. get a peewee 50!
  13. Play tourist trophy or some other bike simulation game. Worked for me when my engine was toast. I also got around on a cheap Honda 150, loads of fun.
  14. So Cigarettes Crack and p0rn is the go?

    I have the net so p0rn is accessible Ciggies come from the milk bar up the road but how am i going to get some girl to let me sniff her crack?
  15. I'm seriously thinking about it. I have lots of left over supplies from when i used to detail cars.
    I wash and maintain friends bikes too but i don't see them often now i dont have a bike... Pricks.

    So anyone wanna free wash and live near Vermont.. leave the bike and keys with me for an hour and i'll wash and detail it...

    (did you catch that bit about the keys?)
  16. What did you use to ride?

  17. Just go to ya local shopping centre and slip a dollar coin into one of those kids rides. SWEEEEET.

    Or do what I do when I'm a bit depressed. I just think of all those girlie men that have renewed their marriage vows. That perks me up straight away :p :wink: :wink:

  18. Fastest Kawaka ever made!!

  19. Well what the fcuk would i ride all the way from melton for if you don't have a bike?
    Wouldn't be too exciting riding a bottomed out VTR250 with two guys over 6ft on it...
  20. Start homebrewing. That way you'll be able to have the awesome pleasure of drinking beer that *you* brewed while looking at the bike that you just got.

    Either that, or you'll be able to save on booze money and still be able to hit the piss while you work on your bike...

    Cheers - boingk