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What would you do to this bike?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by BruiserMadden, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. hi all

    i recently bought a 1983 Yamaha RZ250. For the uninitiated, it's a 2 stroke, liquid cooled semi-old school 250.

    when these bikes are nicely tuned up, word is they can farken scream.

    Now, i only paid a paltry 650 for this, so i've got some spare cash left over to add in some pussy magnets and other accessories.

    SO, seeing as I'm a mechanical spastic until further notice, if you were going to upgrade my bike, what would you get?

  2. a set of piston rings and sparks plugs

    after that new and thicker oil in the front forks and a stiffer rear shock.
    loose any acces weight and replace any steal components with aluminium
    see if u like the gearing change it if u dont.

    then make it less ugly
  3. Lucky Bastard :p (always liked the RZ)

    If it were me first thing I'd be doing is removing anything not absolutely necessary to shave off some weight - first thing to go would be the screen since this isn't exactly the sort of bike you'd use for touring anyway. Also important would be to redo the suspension and brakes to make sure it's handling it's best. Don't need to go too extreme, just replacing the fork oil, brake fluid and brake pads/rotors (if needed) could make a huge difference if it's been neglected Wouldn't bother with engine mods apart from just a decent tune - if you want more power just whack the 350cc engine in there (not like any cop would be able to tell the difference).
  4. Paint it in original colours, and leave the screen!

    If you want more performance get a 350... :)


    Trevor G
  5. Yeah the green is just wrong, they looked so much better in white.

    Oh and forgot to mention that I'd also be ditching the bars for some clip-ons (more for looks than anything else :)).
  6. I'd use it to hot up my

  7. Do what the others have said then look for a single seat and make sure the exhaust is working as it should and is not oiled up.
  8. Take it to the local scrap yard and take the $15 they will give you for it as scrap.
  9. +1 agree

    1. New tyres (mucho important) unless they're less than 2yrs old.

    2. New brake fluid and good sintered pads. Sandpaper the discs before you install the new pads.

    3. New spark plugs and good quality 2stroke oil

    4. New fork oil and Maybe some washers on top of the fork springs to stiffen them up.

    5. New coolant and gear oil.

    6. Any roadworthy items / leaks/etc. Check piston/rings, new rings probably a good idea while you're in there.

    7. Ride it till you adore it

    8. Black frame, white pearl plastics, and brushed steel tank with clear varnish over.

    Have a lot of fun!
  10. thanks for all your advice guys!

    went in to franga yamaha today and, using your list of wisdom purchased pretty much everything you guys suggested except for new tyres (get them later ).

    geez the rings aren't cheap!! nearly 100 bucks each one ring for the price of the front tyre! ah well got to be spent i suppose.

    in hindsight probably should have got all the oil from super cheap or something, but they had v good customer service at yamaha dealer so I can't complain. Hopefully, after I get it going well, then I can concentrate on the sex factor :cool:

    one other thing- It didn't come with a battery so i ordered one in from yamaha. I tried starting it quite a few tiems the other day, seemed to go for 5 seconds then die. reason being no battery i'm guessing. Heh, in hindsight, probably not such a great idea as i could have fried the alternator. BUT question is, as manual says, I was trying to get it warmed up in order to drain oil in order to take engine apart. Can I just drain it cold or, as i'm guessing, not all the oil is going to come out and it's gonna get messy when i take the thing apart. This is prolly a noob question, but I am a mechanical spastic, so thought I'd ask :LOL:
  11. There's two reasons for changing the oil warm:
    1) It drains faster
    2) It circulates the oil and reduces the chances of any sludgy bits being left behind in the engine

    Of course being 2-stroke can't imagine there'd be that many places sludge could hide.

    Edit: One trick I've heard of, but never tried myself, for cleaning an engine out prior to dismantling is after draining the oil to refill with diesel/kerosene and turn the engine over a few times - then drain again.
  12. Thats a bit harsh big fella! Its a nice little project bike to play with!

    Good luck mate, keep us up to date on how you go with it.
  13. A new bike :grin:
  14. It ain't a proper LC 'til it's been crashed. Preferably by a) wheelying over backwards on your favourite posing strip or b) hitting the powerband in third whilst cranked hard over in the wet :grin: .

    Get some clock protector ace bars.
  15. black-out the frame
    polish the engine cases back to alloy
    ditch the screen
    substitute decent chromed headlight shell supported by 'dog ears' or 'wire' brackets
    use reasonable 3-piece clip-ons or ace bars
    ditch the tacho (if it has one)
    replace front wheel with wm2 18-inch spoked (pref. alloy flanged rim)
    replace front guard with slimmer alloy/stainless blade
    replace back with wm 3 x 18" or 19"
    replace exhaust with smoother, chromed pipe
    replace indicators with smaller units
    paint tank/seat combo to taste - i'd prefer silver on the black frame, but up to you

    just a few ideas
  16. Good price and a good bike,spent years of my youth dreaming of one previous suggestions were good the 350 heads and barrels would be the simplest power mod but since you already got the new rings no hurry.
    Suspension and brakes would be the best move you could make,those things were fast enough without many mods and I think the 350 had twin discs on the front.
    Check everythings straight the RZ's copped a hard life so give it some tender loving care.
    There is a pommy mag Bikes and motorcycle mechanics or something similiar they do a lot of mechanical articles and the RD & RZ were real popular over there.