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What would you do if you could time-travel?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Lectre, May 25, 2007.

  1. Simple enough question... Thought it could provoke some humerous responses. (yes, I watched "Army of Darkness" the other night!).
    To limit the scope a bit, let's assume that you yourself could travel, but with only one "object" with you.

  2. Late 18th century France. :grin: Interesting period, plus it contained lots of men carrying swords. :cool:

    Object to take??? One of the world's leading top fashion designers...so's they could get some ideas on how men should dress these days :cool:
  3. I'd travel back to 1969 and over to the US to watch the launch of Apollo 11 (that magnificent Saturn 5) in person :)

    What to take? Ummm... I'd take a digital video camera with me ;)
  4. Root Sophia Loren.
  5. Loz...travelling back in time does not give you the ability to root Sophia Loren. Sorry to burst your bubble...someone had to do it and I guarantee you it wouldn't have been her. :p Just like my chances with Elvis in his early days ;)
  6. Buy a lotto ticket based on last weeks numbers.
  7. I'd go back to the key points in time where i could settle the this i believe debate :) Who knows, the bible could've changed when i get back with the entry - and this man appeared out of nowhere and said "say cheese" then a bright light appeared.

    Not being a fan of the unknown. I'd rather travel forward in time than backwards. I'd start with tomorrows tatts draw, then start jumping every hundred years or so.
  8. April 20, 1889.

    Take a gun with me.

    Congratulations Mrs.Hitler you have a baby boy...........BANG, not any more!
  9. you cruel infant killer :mad: :p
  10. ditto. i'd go back to the time of the buddha, in the hope of getting enlightened so i didn't spend the next 57,000,000 lifetimes coming back, screwing up and doing it all over again.

    the idea of heading forward also appeals. do we blow ourselves up? do we run out of oil and revert to tribalism? does bart ever grow up? these questions and more...
  11. LOL.. that's like going back to visit Marie Antoinette to give you some "head" :p
  12. What if time is like a piece of string? Well say you balled that string up all the points of your life were touching each other? You could leap from one point in time within your own lifetime!!

    Scott Bakula is HOT
  13. Go back a few years (3 or 4 I think) and take a photo of my 675 (with it's stats) with me and take it to Triumph HQ :D
  14. :LOL: I thought you must've been a Heroes addict with that question... one question I've been pondering myself as I'm a big Heroes addict and just watched the final episode last night :eek: :grin:

    The possibilities are endless, but have to take care not to mess with the space time continuim (unsure on spelling?) when travelling back in time :wink: :LOL:

    I'd love to see Dinosaurs in real life, I would definitely go back to the days of the alleged "Jesus Christ" (yes I'm not a believer Paul...) just to see if it did happen the way it's all written, I'd go back to the pre world war 2 days and give Adolf a swift kick in the head or worse :evil: ...

    If I could have any super power, time travel would be right up there on my list of powers I'd love to have!! :cool:
  15. :eek: I had just read back through everyone elses posts after I wrote my first one & we both had the same idea... :-k very scary :LOL:

    He'd be right up on my list of people to travel back in time and wipe out before they carried out those acts against humanity... they never deserved a chance to become the monsters they became!!
  16. How about going back in time before the first motorbike was invented and produced and being that person that will all should be so thankful of? :wink:

    You could go back in time and be the inventor of every cool thing possible :cool:
  17. Easy....

    Garden of Eden, sometime in 4004 BC.

    The job?

    Yell out, "NOOOOOOO don't eat that fruit!!!!!!!!"

    {I'm interested that someone woud like to use his time-travel in quest of answers for the "This I Believe" thread. I'm tempted to say the same, but maybe we are supposed to walk by faith, and not by sight :wink:}.
  18. Oops, I misread that as could only travel once.. not only bring "one thing" with me.

    Oh well, cbf reading too much. Just ate my lunchtime pain meds. A nice size dose of oxycontin. I want to be able to enjoy and do something on Friday evening with Emma after she finishes work (in 15 mins)

    I should be fine for a few hours by time she's finished at gym after work. I've gotten to be very good at knowing how long (the different) pain meds I use take to work and go back to baseline :) Just would be nice if I had "unlimited" usage of pain meds, I'd make sure I wasn't in pain too often. 18-20 hours a day of "severe" pain is getting me down here and there. More and more posts of mine become whinges. Like this. doh

    To be on topic!

    I'd go back to March 11th last year and tell myself not to go on the ride where I had my off.... Or at least not to go back to the meeting point, that's when I had the off.

    Man, that's putting a smile on my face.. As well as the pain meds kicking in :grin:
  19. I'm thinking that it may be one of us right here who invents a time machine, goes back to visit Barbarra Bush and got her to smoke crack during her pregnancy... the outcome of which is:-

  20. Than you can keep your frickin time machine.