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what would you do if you caught them?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cheky, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys.

    there have been alot of discussions here on people's bike being stolen (damn pricks taking them).

    but lets say you caught them in the act what would you do??

    If you hit them, your in trouble, call the police? half of the time they dont even show up. And when they do you can be charged with using excessive force if the theif (Victim according to police) makes a complaint that you hurt him/her.

    So my question is what would you do?
  2. I dont care. I would stab them in the eye with a spoon.
    They go and charge you for assult "i was trying to steal his bike and he stabbed me in the eye with this spoon"
    I would love to see a theif try and charge me. Just try.
  3. highly unlikely to happen...even thieves know to leave hyoflungs alone :p :LOL:
  4. I reckon most theives would run if caught in the act.
  5. id take a cricket bat to the persons legs that stole mine
  6. depends if they were bigger than me, had their backed turned, had a weapon ect ect ect

    just remember its more often than not a bunch of guys stealling bikes so they can be lifted/wheeled easier
  7. what about the theives that break in, fall and hurt themselves and then sue the owner??? Is the Law F%$@ed or what?
  8. Loz and I manned up at friday night coffee cos a couple of girls tried to sit on my bike.

    We'd take em all on i tellz ya.

    (...and just in case you were wondering) Hell yes they were HOT!!!
  9. i would meet up with my right hand man cheky and then take them to a nice secluded place up bush somewhere

    maybe tie them to a tree break some legs, break everyone of there fingers with the spike side of a hammer

    then get out the old pvc pipe and barb wire and teach them never to do it again
  10. hey diglz, i would have settled for the baseball bat (casino style) to the arms and legs but hey spike side of hammer sounds good.

    Hey davey-charlie me and diglz will help with dishing out the punishment if you find the prick that took your bike.
  11. Belt up said thieves, drag them behind the bike for a bit etc. Then have the worlds worth of fun on the bike and bin it somewhere. Throw thieves in with bike and tip off police, claim insurance, ???, profit.
  12. like your style sooty... might keep that in mind if i ever get put in that situation
  13. Only encounter I've had here was someone trying to steal my XE Falcon (my beloved 351).

    I yelled out from a distance "oi wtf are you doing" and the person ran off and jumped the fence out of the carpark I didnt give chase because it was into the dark and you never know what was gonna be on the other side.

    Best part they wouldnt have been able to actually steal it as I always carried the plug with me.

    If they faced up it would have been an interesting fight as I had my maglite with me, so yeah I would fight all depending on what was in their hands.
  14. haha my brothers have offered with that aswell.
    i think we should do a burnout on their face with my bike they stole.
  15. Tie them up,
    strip them and super glue their hands to their di(ks,
    and dump them in the middle of the night out a leather man bar for some real punishment :bannanabutt:
  16. i think we should do a burnout on their face with my bike they stole.[/quote]

    man i would love to see that... big brakie on the theifs face... :LOL:
  17. tell the cops, i yelled at him cause he was trying to steal my bike, then he ran towards me, tripped over an ant and his face landed on my fist when i tried to help him on the fall :grin:
  18. Hmmm, it depends on whether i was close enuf, i guess i would chase, if i got them, i'd use an arm bar take-down, still holding their thumb back far enuf to really hurt, or hold them down by their adam's apple if they were a guy, pull their arms back and twist their wrists down, that way of u need to cuff them, it would hurt them too much to move..... not that i carry cuffs.

    ... and then id call the cops.

    Still hunting the (*&^*&*&^% that vandalised my bike 2 weeks ago

    :-w :blackeye: :demon: :tantrum: :nail: :eek:wned:
  19. how do u call the cops while your holding his thumbs and hands? :grin:
  20. something like this happened about 10 years ago to a mate i worked with, but from the other side of the story. he was sitting in passenger seat, his cousin driving down along caringbah high school towards the boulevard. as they stopped at the lights, guy from the car beside them gets out taps on the window "Get the F*** out of my car". They bolted. My mate was running across Endeavor, when a dog squad randomly going down the rd behind spotted him, pulled over and let the dogs after him.

    While they were still in the car, he opened the glove box, and found 7 knives. He stashed one and subsequently forgot about it until it turned up in the strip tease at sutho cop shop.

    back on topic...