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What would you do if someone got out of their car?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mav, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. So me and the missus are heading to a family lunch at Rooty Hill RSL.

    Travelling via M4 we had a bike (+pillion) near us all the way - just another road user - who ended up taking the same turnoff as us. Bike filters through a bit of traffic and disappears.

    About 5 mins later we are approaching the road bridge over Rooty Hill railway station and see the same bike again two cars ahead of us with a commodore riding (excuse the pun) his ass like he's trying to give him a prostate exam.

    Bike flashes the brake light at commodore, and the driver reacts like a bull at a red flag. Starts really menacing the exhaust pipes in an obvious stupid aggressive display, gets half a chance and pulls along side the bike in the lane on the bridge - one lane each way, solid white line, traffic coming other way.

    As they approach the traffic lights on the downslope on the other side, commodore does a wide veer to the left and cuts back with the bonnet of his vehicle to T-Bone bike but stops inches short.

    My missus whips out the camera phone to start video - recording as they are having words, then big fat ****er jumps out of the driver seat, gets in the riders face, then smacks him (open palm) across the back of the helmet.

    Rider puts side stand down, turns engine off, pillion still on the back. I jump out and head towards them, I can hear kids screaming in the back seat of the commodore. As fat ****er is getting back into commodore, I tap the rider on the shoulder and tell him, no dramas we got in on vid + his number plate.

    Lights go green commodore goes into RSL carpark, and we pull over with the rider on nature strip after the lights.

    Swap numbers, send him the pics of the number plate. Rider was on a Cagiva Raptor 1000, heading to a wedding with his petite missus as pillion. Little bit shaken up, understandably, had a chat with them both calm them down, shook hands off they went.

    So in a scenario like this, if you are the rider and have your wife / girlfriend riding pillion, what would you do?
  2. Run away and hide while she deals with the problem, then help her dispose of the body :twisted:.
  3. Nuff said!

  4. WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!:rofl::rofl:
  5. Good on you guys for thinking quickly and supporting them!
  6. As he is stopped, his bike should be in first gear, Give it a hand full of throttle, and drop the clutch,
    As the bike stands up and takes off, drop your foot into his cods and use the force of the bike and your leg to lift him off the ground,

    Works a treat, Not all these clods are on video, It is unprovoked assault and you can react in self defence as he has already hit you.
    He cant chase you as he is doubled up on the ground,
    Then go straight to a police station and report him and give his car rego number to them,
    You have a witness on the back of your bike,
  7. Quite dissapointed after reading you got video that there was none attached to the post :p

    Depends on the situation, if I had my missus on the back I'd probably get out of their quick so she doesn't get hurt, but I would stand my ground and have done in the past, people don't realise a helmet would hurt when it collides with their face.
  8. Well done, I think if you hadn't stepped up and intervened this incident would have completely ruined their day and the wedding they went to. There is nothing like kind help from strangers when shit happens to calm situations down. Rather than leaving this thinking what assholes exist in the world the rider would be thinking the opposite about you.
  9. Damm there some idiots around. I've seen two idiots try kill themselves on the m5, swerving into each other doing 120km only cause one driver wanted to overtake.

    Good of you to help out and maybe stopped the matter getting more out of control.
  10. :rofl:
    There's a problem though - how do you safely deal with the radioactive material?
  11. I have been in a situation similar to this before and the first thing i did before having words with cager was to get my bike off the road, onto the footpath and out of the way so the cager didn't decide to use my bike as a speedhump.
    Then I can proceed to let the driver know just how I feel......................:)
    Serenity now..........................serenity now...........................

  12. had something similar happen.

    jerk in a cage was too close for comfort. tapped the brakes and he still wouldn't ease off.

    my mistake was flipping him the finger whilst stopped at the set of lights with him right behind me.

    this, unsurprisingly, enraged him even more, so he gets out of the car and walks toward me. people are watching.

    kickstand down with bike between the two of us.

    words were exchanged, he mentions he rides as well whilst telling me how to ride! this kinda blows me away considering i was in the slow lane on a multi lane rd.

    moral of the story: don't bother engaging with douche bags. potentially dangerous and a waste of time.
  13. How much do you reccon a helmet but would hurt?
  14. It makes their noses bleed real good :twisted:
  15. Gotta consider that the kid of driver that tailgates and stops to have confrontations by the side of the road is also the kind that is likely to carry a weapon...

  16. If its in your hand and you swing it hard, It will knock them out,

  17. I think there's some personal experience going on here

  18. CLASSIC Pat!! Roflmao!

    As a general rule i plan to never allow trouble approach me on foot, while i am stuck sitting on the bike. It's too easy for them to push me over.
    So iam off the bike wherever possible so i can protect it, and myself.

    But 9 times out of 10, i prefer toride off, theough red lights, up footpaths, whatever it takes, since i am at a disadvantage. Such dickheads deserve about 3 milliseconds of my valuable lifespan.
  19. To be fair, you have to question the sanity of someone that wants to get physical with a person who has rhok ;) solid head protection and more often than not, gloves with hard knuckles and boots that are reinforced and strengthened to resist sudden impacts.
  20. Mav, forgot to say thank you for getting involved and helping the biking couple out.
    Well done, and i'll bet it went along way to alleviating their state of mind after that sh*t was pulled them.