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What would you call 'different'?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Gobbledegeek, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Upgrading from my 250 is still a bit of a way off yet but I'm planning finances for next year and I'm looking for something that wee bit different, perhaps even unusual or quirky. What would you class as a bit out of the ordinary in terms of road bikes, naked or otherwise? Is there such a thing?

    Suggestions appreciated as always.
  2. Sure - some suggestions:

    Royal Enfield (made in India)

    anything by MZ

    Sachs Roadster (there can't be more than a dozen in the whole country!)

    Ural with a sidecar! (actually I just read they appointed a distributor in Oz and are trying for ADR... again)

    Thing I like about my list is that they are all 'real world' examples - I mean, anyone could rattle off a list of exotics. But none of those bikes would cost more than an average new bike.
  3. not to harp, but...

    Honda Rune :LOL:???
  4. Yamaha SR400/500.

    Odd, but easily an everyday bike.

    Yamaha VMAX? :grin:
  5. Moto Guzzi Breva 750, reasonably priced and definitely not run of the mill.

    The new V7 retro Guzzi will look nicer though when it finally gets here :)
  6. Thanks for the suggestions so far.

    I quite like the Breva...


    but if money wasn't going to be too much of an issue, then I would seriously consider the Griso...


    The Vmax is a beast that would be the death of me but a brutish looking thing...


    The Honda Rune looks a little too much like a cruiser for my liking but on further inspection, the riding position appears very upright. A great looking bike all the same...


    I quite like the look of the MZ and the Enfields but I think I prefer the more modern quirky than true classic.

    Forgot to mention the ER6N which I quite like...


    How about the Buell Lightening with the see through tank?

  7. Certainly different.
  8. You're not wrong :)
  9. What about a GSR 600?

  10. Have to say this is a nice looking bike but not as nice as the B-King...


    Then again there is $8k difference.
  11. Just saw one in courier guise, must be claiming some tax back on that one :LOL:
  12. I saw the bking the other day at a suzuki shop, holy crap the bling! Such a pimp's bike. :LOL:
  13. What the .....? What is so "different" about a GSR ??? Next to the Hornet and FZ6, possibly one of the most boring, run of the mill bikes in existance.

    Also,.....what's your budget ? You're comparing 30k bikes (Rune) with 9k bikes (ER6n).
  14. Each and every motorcycle is unique, and different in its own special way.

    Except mine.
  15. There's certainly no comparison there.

    Precisely and I'm trying to find the one with that particular difference that appeals to me. That is not to say it will appeal to others but the bike I eventually opt for will probably not be a common one, relatively speaking.
  16. I was passed by a guy on Collins street yesterday who had mounted a 2T lawnmower engine to his Giant mountainbike and was wearing a world war II tin helmet - that was different :shock:

    I've always leant towards either an old retro such as a Triumph or a full on adventure bike such as the KTM LC8 950.

    Have a browse through the Deus Ex Machina site that has banner ads on this forum. They have some truly unique motorcycles. I'd give my left testicle to have some of those bikes in my garage. I have to reserve the right testicle for the sake of the children else I'd do both to have this bike:

  17. If you want a full-fairing bike that's out of the ordinary, the VFR800F Limited Edition Classic stands out!


    But if you want naked, go for the BKing - evil transformer!!