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What would you call acceptable waiting?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Hilton, May 14, 2007.

  1. Thanks very much for the responses and your opinions on the matter. I will use your opinions with my letter to Triumph and hopefully, thanks to you, the matter can be solved.
    Thanks again!

  2. I would not be happy wiht this situation, especially being left in the dark by the workshop. I'd be expressing my concern to Triumph Australia about the long wait for parts and severity of repairs that has been needed after only 11,000kms.
    Its not the workshops fault that the parts still haven't arrived, but some PR between you and them should be expected. It sucks being left in the dark, but i guess on the same token they might have been in the dark as well....

    Good luck with the repairs, hopefully you'll be riding again soon :grin:
  3. damm hope that it was still under warranty.
    Bottom end rebuild on a 11k/km bike is ridiculouse.

    I wouldnt call it resoanble but i dont like your chances of doing anything about it.
    A week is normaly good enuff to find any problem
  4. I think you have the right to be really pissed i know i would be. Ive found bike shops have i pretty relaxed attitude when it comes to ordering in parts and customer service.
    Why couldnt they come up with another solution for you? How about a create motor for it? Or at least give you something to ride while they have your bike.
    Good luck with it mate
    PS what was the cause of the problem?
  5. It's not acceptable. Call em everyday and let em know that you want it fixed now. It could be possible that the parts are taking a while to arrive, but they should be able to tell you that.
  6. It's not always the dealer's fault when it comes to the wait on parts, but aside from that from what you've said the customer service you've received from them is absolutely shocking. If I was in your position I would have expected something from them within the first week, whether it be to say the bike's fixed, they've found the problem but need to wait, or it's still being looked at. But then if it was going to take that long to look at they should have known when you brought it in.

    Either way, I think you should have received a lot more information from the dealer on a better time scale too. And for a wait like that you should have definitely had some form of loan transport from them to see you through. See how it pans out, I'd certainly consider a well-written letter to both the dealer and Triumph Australia when it is all over expressing how you feel.

    Like Ginji said, keep on them.
  7. Bummer , but in the early 80's it was and storyies were about the exact same kind of thing with the Bonniville ----- there was word that it was delay tactics ect ect as not long after Triumph went bust , i had a sechand 76 for a cupla years ..... :idea:
  8. Unacceptable, if not the dealers fault, they should be batting for you with Triumph distributor in Oz.

    I would also be demanding that my warranty be extended by the time it has spent in the shop, with the new parts having full 12 months warranty if less is remaining of the factory warranty.
  9. Good plan...

    I had my bike in the shop for 5 1/2 months, mostly because Suzuki was hopeless with the parts; they sent the parts for the wrong side, parts that were malformed, parts for the non-fairinged version etc etc. It was horrible, and the shop didn't like it either, because they had a bike that was taking up space that they couldn't do anything. I only got the last parts of the bike a month after I picked it up (it was in a rideable condition then though)

    Trust me with what I said earlier, the more you push the shop, the quicker things will get done as they want to stop having to take calls from you ;)
  10. Seems perfectly normal, you did buy a Triumph on purpose :p
  11. As once told by Vic and never forgotten , "Good Thanks, and you ? "

    But to answer your question. Parts are something you sometimes have to wait for, but customer service should be immediate .
  12. It seems, 3-4 weeks on backorder (for me, suzuki japan) - acceptable, leave a few of days to get to cracking it open and close it up - possibly a good half day or so job (or for the amateur, a day.) Aside from that, unless there was no problem - 4 to 5 weeks. over that, without a genuine reason (someone fcuked up the order picking, etc), should be on them every day til you get an answer.
  13. Hm one call from the dealer in 3 months ... definitely not good enough. But then again, how many times had you called them to enquire on the progress?

    It's an old saying .. but .. "The squeaky wheel gets the oil" .. ie: if you weren't makin' a noise about it .. why would they bother too much?

    Sure, you don't want to make a P.I.T.A of yourself .. but .. a request for them to call you even once a fortnight to update on the progress wouldn't have been unreasonable.

    So .. for sure, a "thumbs down" on the part of the dealer, they definitely need a "rocket" under them, (that'd be a Triumph Rocket ... :LOL: ).

    As for the parts coming from Triumph .. no doubt things can take a while for the "warranty approval" to come through, but once "approved" one would hope they'd get the parts out to the dealer with minimal delay.

    After 3 months with no joy .. there'd be no need for phone calls ... the dealer in Albury would hear me screamin' from Wagga Wagga .. that's for sure.

    I'd be seeking some sort of definite timeframe .. no ifs, buts, maybes .. as has been said .. a "loaner bike" in lieu of yours, at the dealers or Triumphs expense, (doesn't matter to you which of the pair pays .. but YOU need transport) .. and definitely a renegotiated warranty once your bike is fixed.

    If you're not getting anywhere with it then perhaps contact the relevant consumer protection authorities and also post your experience to as many motorcycle forums as you can find and then email the links to the threads to both the dealer AND Triumph ... :twisted: :twisted:

    Good luck with it ..
  14. 3 months = f*cking shocking

    I'd be furious. Demand it back and see if you can work out how to fix it with paddle pop sticks, chewy and gaffa. 3 months without a bike - when you've just bought a NEW BIKE - is ludicrous.
  15. This is shocking publicity for Triumph. It sure would put anyone off from buying one. 3 months is a joke, the bike was only a few months old....

    Not good luck at all.
  16. It's completely UNacceptable!
    If I were you I'd be pissed off and I'd try to give the the mechanics and Triumph a bad rap for the crap your going through. You could jump on to a bunch of different motorcycle forums and tell everyone about the poo that you're going through.
    That way the people who are thinking of buying a Triumph can get an idea of what it is like when something goes wrong with the bike.

    Wait thats what your doing now! :LOL:

    It's not hard for the grease monkeys to call a customer and let them know of the status.
    It shouldn't take so long have a part sourced. There should be a warehouse in Australia somewhere with a good amount of parts incase something like this happens.
    But because they don't have parts a valued customer has become sour because of the ordeal and given the company a bad rap.
  17. A bad rap? You mean like Black Eyed Peas?
  18. how 'bout writing your disgust to truimph HQ.

    it is ridiculous!
  19. I started my 'Not Happy Jan' attitude last week & thats over a chain, Ordered 3 weeks ago & still not here. :evil:

    So you could imagine me by 3 months. Why on earth you wait this long to rant? Trouble is you let them know your not happy with lack of service etc & they will only drag there feet more, especially Whitehouse.

    No wonder there workshop is always full. Takes forever to get to it.
    Great on service when your actully in there buying stuff, lousy when it comes to having an actual bike prob.
  20. Thank you

    thanks again