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What would you be riding if you won tattslotto

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sbbfu, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. I was just interested in how many of us here got sucked in and brought ticket today, and seeing it jackpot'd again, we all failed (myself included).

    Just interested in know what bike would you buy if 100mil was sitting in the bank?

    I haven't put too much thought into this but I wouldn't mind jumping on a Triumph Thruxton :D

  2. same bike...just add a few more...buy the house next door...knock it down to make a shed...fill it with 1980/90's bikes ...namely 250-650's ....zxr/gsxr/cbr/rvf/vfr 400's would be up there with the first purchases
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  3. Just buy one of every production bike, then buy each new one as it comes out, 100mil would last a long, long time. Then add all the older bikes you've always wanted. Bigger picture, I'd throw that sucker in a term deposit or whatever and just live off the gillions of interest
  4. I would add the latest Vincent 1800 to park beside my Blackbird,
    Put a small Turbo on my Bird,
    Finish my house and hire a full time gardener,
    Then Travel,
  5. I think I'd have to make a list of at least 9-10 bikes. I think a couple for each scenario (track, everyday, tourer, sports, off road). Bigger picture, term deposit and just live on the interest, as Gurb said.
  6. Your question is a bit like asking what suit would you buy from K-mart if you had 100mil. With that amount of cash I certainly wouldn't be working, so would use my ample free time to design and build my own bike - paying experts for their input/assistance where required.

    That said there are a few production bikes I would buy, solely to watch them burn (preferably in view of fanatics of that particular make/model).
  7. I'd get a daytona first, speed triple second. Maybe another vfr400 for reminiscence sake. Don't know after that, probably a dirt/tourer bike. Not much else really. I'd probably give most of it away.

    Maybe start a restaurant, do some spanner work of my own on the side.
  8. A Brough Superior would do the job splendidly.

    Then I'd hire an IT technician to create a motorcycle forum, and people it with a 24/7 work force of 'members' who would always agree with and praise me.
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  9. I'd get something ridiculously inappropriate and spend a couple of years riding it around the world. Maybe a Royal Enfield (subliminally influenced by mattb's sig above?!).
  10. It's been done, certainly. And of course in the early '50s Winifred Wells (who today lives outside Melbourne) rode around Australia on her Bullet 350, after this 'practice' run http://www.royalenfield.org.uk/index.php?PageName=winifred-wells
  11. Finishing my last nightshift of my 3 week on swing... and my last nightshift EVER!
    Probably getting beaten up in an attempt by someone else on the dredge to steal my ticket... but its electronic lol.
  12. i'd buy whatever bike would get her ------>
    in the sack
  13. Gold plated ct110.
  14. I've got my plans already, just need "brass in pocket" as my old dad would have said.

    A gutted 40 seater bus, turn the front half into living accomodation, fit a ramp to the rear and kit it out to carry 3 bikes, a Moto Guzzi V7, a Victory 8 Ball, and a Husqvarna 650 Strada .. I'd be towing a trailer on the back with a Land Rover Defender and a big arse tinnie for the fishing ... Look out Australia, the Nobby Clans on tour.

    Oh yeah, every member of my family right down to my 18month old grandson would be millionaires.

    The rest I'd waste :joyful:
  15. Whaddya mean "failed"? I won $14.95 for my $10.80 investment, so I'm up $4.15! I can probably get a 2 year old Hyosung with that :)
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  16. buy a house on Phillip Island with lifetime rights for trackdays and motoGP's . An extendable garage to house my list of bikes that would probably include a Duc Streetfighter, a S1000rr(to look at while I built up my skill and courage to be able to ride one), a BIG fridge to house plenty of beer so I can drink while I drink in the sights of my two wheeled beauties. Oh, I'd still keep my present bike.......huh!what!who'sthere!zzzz.......must have been having a dream.
  17. my aprilia.

    but i'd be getting a few more bikes to keep her company.
  18. A CB400 and maybe a VFR400:p
    Stupid restrictions keeping off the fun bikes.
  19. Id ride the same road bike and add a track bike, all up it would be less than $10k spent on bikes........................the question for me is where ill be riding the bike. With $100 mill, im sure I would have enough dosh to build myself a track :).