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What would Jesus ride?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Gromit, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Well, my vote goes to the Saviorcycle:



    Note however:

    What? Even if they [-o< real hard?

  2. Jesus rides a Kawasaki because he wants to be as cool as the Flying Spaghetti Monster (who also rides a Kawasaki). :cool:
  3. Triumph Bonneville. I can just picture him wearing his robe, some racing goggles and a leather cap doing a lap on a track.
  4. He dosent ride anything, he's a cage driver.

    AS proof i submit this text from the bible
    Not only that the the fairy Honda cage driver tried to stop his mates riding there bikes. They rode Triumphs!
  5. Lets not get into the whole "could be a she" thing :LOL:
  6. Hardely. He's good at bringing things back from the dead.
  7. He rides a pushbike of course, and here it is:

  8. Of course not,

    thats why he is the SON of God.

    And i'm with you Seany.
  9. Didn't he already ride an across?

  10. Some roman bastard nailed it.

  11. And here's me thinking he rode a Donkey... :wink:
  12. Ahh. so it is a kwaka
  13. Yes, it was a Kwacka. Unfortunately, early translations of the bible were mis-translated and stated that "Jesus rode into the temple on a duck." This was considered absurd, so they changed it to donkey to make the story more believable. :wink:
  14. Hey careful you'll upset Hornet, the bible is 100% correct.

    jesus would have ridden an old chopper, here he is.

  15. :rofl: I want to see Across riders all over the land grace their steeds with "JESUS RIDES ACROSS" stickers :grin:
  16. Dunno 'bout the big fella's ankle biter, but it seems motorcycles were built by his salesman on earth...........

  17. It could depend on how big he was. People sometimes compensate for these things...
  18. Here was me thinking he'd ride Mary Magdalene....
  19. in the great and profound words of John Cleese (in Life of Brian)



  20. SPLITTER!!!!!!

    :LOL: :LOL:

    Solidarity Reg!