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What would I get charged for this...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by matty__, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Would anyone here have any idea what a motorbike shop would charge to have 4 x indicators installed, horn working, brake light installed etc?

    I rang a few but none of them wanted to really give me a price which isn't exactly good when funds are limited.

    I might even post an add in wanted section if any member wants to help me out for 100-150 or something since i can't get it down to the shop either lol.

    Edit: Should mention its a WR400, bits of wiring are there I can see them anyway. under back seat etc but i'm not sure if its all there.



  2. Where are you located?
  3. I seriously don't know why people bother.
    If the OP doesn't even take the time to put their location in their profile they don't deserve a response in my opinion.
  4. Same goes when they live somewhere no one has ever heard of :p
  5. True - I'm too nice I guess :?
  6. Like Tarneit?
  7. Mate whats your problem? I forgot to put it in the bloody location in big deal. Get out of my thread if your going to talk like that. Your the admin you should be setting a better example... Can't u see I'm still fairly new? I'm trying to see help here and if you don't want to help don't talk.

    For those who want to know...

    I'm located West Sydney, Lower Blue Mtns. (15 mins from penrith).


  8. Did I miss something, it says Blue Mountains NSW in his profile or was this added after OP?

    & WTF is Tarneit?
  9. I just added it in...

    What does OP mean?
  10. Original Post/er :)
  11. Don't even think you need a bike mechanic - sounds like an auto electrician's job. They charge by the hour, depending if all the lights worked once and they were just disconnecetd for trail riding, then a pretty easy fix.

    I am at Emu Plains Tuesday morning for a few hours. If you can make the time then, PM me and I can have a look if you like.
  12. Thats very kind of you, I will be at tafe though unfortunately at that time.

    They are all brand new lights, so they should all work :)

    Would you recommend asking an auto elec?

    Thanks anyway though, appreciate it.
  13. It's the wiring that is the mystery. Can you ride the bike? Or do you need this stuff for rego??

    A competent auto electrician will have a look under the seat and tell you straight away what kind of condition the wiring is in and should be able to quote you how long to fix/connect.
  14. I need it for Rego, on the RTA site by law you are actually allowed to transport the vehicle to have any work done by a workshop to prepare for rego but I still wouldn't want to risk it. Auto Elec's are 5 mins up the road, so I might be okay..
  15. indicators are 15 bucks each 2nd hand = $60
    brake light is about $10
    and a few hours sitting around connecting wires should not charge u for more than 100 in labour (2 hours)