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What would I do next??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by SmirK, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I was in an accident, long story short, I was rear-ended. I'm okay, just a bit sore. Here's the situation though, I've got no insurance but the other party does. I've got his details and he has mine. No cops were involved and no witnesses. Just wondering what would be my next step in resolving this.

  2. Contact the guy, and tell him you'll get two quotes for the repairs, or if he is going through his insurance ask him when you should take it to a repair shop. Include a letter with your two quotes detailing the events, and that you cinsider him liable for your damages. be very explicit and factual.

    And get insurance you idiot!. At least 3rd party property ins, in case you injure somone.!
  3. Report it to the police straight away and get the report number, you will need it. Find a repairer who will explain the process to claim against his insurance. He must file a claim first and then you can claim against his policy.
  4. Just to clarify this, if you injure someone, it has nothing to do with personal insurance as it's covered by TAC. However, if you damage someone else's property, then you'll want at least 3rd party.
  5. If you can possibly get comprehensive, do it. I know it costs. But basically at this point all you have on your is this guy's good will. If he doesn't come to the party, or wants to be cheap about it, you have no recourse but suing him... which would cost more than the damages.

    I know it's cold comfort now, and there's good advice above about what to do in this case. But if you'd had insurance you'd have a large insurance company fighting the battles for you... and if they take time it's OK because you'd get your bike fixed before they're done.
  6. Thanks guys for your input and advice
  7. More the liability aspect of 3rd party insurance if the other party takes further action..I think
  8. glad to hear you're ok, and as all of above, do drive without insurance too? fingers crossed you get bike fixed with minimal fuss.
  9. I'm not quite sure what you mean by this?

    In an accident, the circumstances are what determine liability irrespective of either party's insurance situation. Of course, if you don't have even 3rd party insurance, it can be a bit more difficult to prove you were in the right, even in black and white cases.

    Insurance, and in this case 3rd party, is only to do with mitigating potential financial impacts. If you spend $70 a year with a $200 excess, you'll save a lot of money if you cause $5000 worth of damage at some point in time.

    My point earlier was personal insurance has nothing to do with causing bodily harm to someone, as that is completely covered by TAC.
  10. True damage to property etc is covered but things like legal representation in court for the driver/rider are not covered by TAC but are in some third party policies amongst other things:

    Legal representation
    If your vehicle is involved in an incident
    which results in you or a driver of the vehicle
    who has permission to drive your vehicle
    needing legal representation as a result of
    that incident:
    we will pay the reasonable costs of legal
    representation if you or that driver needs
    to be represented before a coroner
    conducting an inquiry
    we may choose to pay the reasonable
    costs of legal representation if you or that
    driver needs to be represented before a
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