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What WOULD I buy?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Let's play hypotheticals (well, almost)

    Suppose I get a job early next year which will pay about double what I've ever been paid before.

    Now first of all I'll need to buy a car, 'cos in the last ten years I haven't owned one. That's easy, it would be a Mazda 6 (to drive one is to love one.)

    But, the Hornet is now 8 years old and has over 88,000kms on it. As much as I love it, if I could afford to replace it, what would I buy?

    I would ideally want a 2007 replica of the Hornet, around 600cc or a bit more, and since Honda in their supreme wisdom won't bring in the Hornet, what would I buy instead??
  2. Hi Paul,

    I too have a Mazda 6 and they are a great car.

    You are a Hornet man so it looks like another one might be the go. mmmm how about the CB1300 from Honda now that is pretty cool.? :cool:
  3. Paul, you couldn't go past the Hornet 900, it would be the perfect alternative, just rebadge it with 600 :)
  4. Suzuki GSX 1400
    Yamaha MT01 or XJR 1300
    Honda CB1300 06
  5. Something naked with a V-twin engine.
  6. such a shame about the new Hornet 600, such a nice bike that would do quite well here.
  7. Surely the closest thing on the market now to the 600 Hornet would be the Suzuki GSR600 or Yamaha FZ6, the Kawasaki Z750 would probably also be worth a look.
    Edit: Or you could wait and see if Triumph decide to sell a Speed version of the 675 here.
  8. If money was not particularly relevant and I wanted a naked/semi naked bike...

    Either the MV naked bike - saw one a few weeks ago and it's v nice...
    or the Aprilia that Cejay has
  9. the Brutale?

    I know of no other bike where colour is such a deciding factor in whether it looks terrible or awesome.

    Get the black 'framework' on the sides :)
  10. Go the Tuono, I know I would.
  11. Wouldn't you be old enough to consider a BMW soon Mr. Hornet? :p
  12. Or a Harley for all those Ulysess runs? :LOL:
  13. The Bruatale would be my affordable dream bike... closely followed by the speed tripple. The BRutale is like hottttttttttttt!
  14. love the GSR 600 something about the bulldog like stance..
    got a good review in AMCN about a month ago
  15. That would be the one except the one I saw had a red frame...

    and I cant believe I forgot the speed triple after yearning after one for years!
  16. I could see Paul on one of these:


    Moto Guzzi Breva 750.
  17. What a fascinating set of responses.

    They in part reinforce my contention that people don't read threads or posts very well: I DID say 600cc or a bit bigger, and while a 1300 Honda or a 1400 Suzuki is a bit bigger :shock: it scarcely meets the requirements.

    The Kawa or the Yamaha FZ-6 are very interesting; must research them more; BMW, no, Harley, no, Italian, I hadn't even considered, and that MotoGuzzi looks very nice, Clive. GSR600 should go on the list too.

    mmm lots of homework.........
  18. What about 650 Strom? You can swap the seat out from a 1000 to raise the height.

    Then you've got all those gravel roads at your mercy

    Did you ride Gegvascos??
  19. Now there's an idea Paul :idea:

    You might be able to show us the way up the Refton then. :cheeky: :cheeky: