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What would be the best decision to make as a parent?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by modern_ninja, May 17, 2011.

  1. Buy them a car to drive to & from school?

  2. Buy them a bike to ride to & from school?

  1. Situation:

    Your child (we'll say a boy for the sake of the argument) needs to get to high school. They don't live anywhere near a bus station and all their friends live on the other side of town.

    They have just turned 17 and can get their car p-plates but also have a bike license.

    Do you as a responsible (in all senses of the word) parent:

    1. Buy them a car to drive to & from school?
    2. Buy them a motorcycle to ride to & from school?

    As their means of getting to and from school?

    Back up your vote with a reason :D
  2. buy and ride bike.

    it'll help the kid (you) with the ladies hehe
  3. So, as a parent, you just want your teenage son to get some?

  4. they can ride their pushie until they've saved up enough to buy themselves a bike
  5. buy the child a car and let him/her get his inevitable novice crashes out of the way in a vehicle which won't punish mistakes with injuries
  6. I think it depends on the situation.

    But my first option would be to buy the kid a motorcycle. The laws may have changed in the last few years but, at 16 and 9 months you can get your L's for a bike. You are now independent and mobile. You can't be independent and mobile in a car until you are 18.

    We gave our eldest the option - car or bike. He decided on bike, this meant he could get himself to his various sporting activities without having to rely on us.

    We will give our youngest the same option, he will probably choose a car because it's easier to carry a guitar/bass and amps in a car than on a bike.

    There is a downside, the eldest is 22 this year and still can't legally drive a car.
  7. Can I reocmmend to also consider the nature of the kid? Also the sort of traffic and roads that it would take.

    i.e. a risk averse sensible sort of teen on quiet roads is different to a highly strung aggressive teen amongst a heap of traffic on a freeway.

    I don't think this is black and white. For some a car, for others a bike and for some others neither of the above :p
  8. Depends how unco & smart the kid is. If they were co-ordinated, had a good head on them & had dirtbike experience, I'd buy them a bike :)
  9. So teenagers don't crash, get injured or die in cars?
  10. Definitely agreed. Would I have been so keen to let my teenager loose on a bike if we lived in Sydney or Melbourne, maybe, but I would have put a whole lot more thought in to it and made sure he did more than just the basic learners and probationary training/testing.
  11. Simple.
    No peer pressure on a bike.
    A car will send both of you broke
    Hardnen the little **** up on wet days
  12. That was one of the other things we took into consderation, plus the fact that if he fucked up on the bike the chances are it's only him that gets hurt, if he fucked up in a car there's a better than fair chance others would be hurt or killed.
  13. of course not, :roll: but they are 37 times more likely to be injured or killed in an accident in a bike than they are in a car......
  14. bike, if i'm paying for it.
    would be a POS bike too, or a scooter.
  15. As a parent? I'm not going to have kids :p

    However, they all get some anyways, and most kids get some by the age of 17, so it's basically just getting him (you) a sexier woman for your first time. I mean his... I mean... it's you, right?
  16. Why is there no option for goat? Cheap, light, and a sure-footed friend with whom to share many adventures.
  17. Not to mention cold winter nights...
  18. Buy the kid a car or bike? They are 17 for goodness sake make the little brat work and save and make there own decision. At most give them a loan.
  19. I'd probably help supplement the purchase of a car. There's no way in hell I'd let my kid out on the roads on a motorcycle before they had at least a few years driving experience under their belt.

    Good road sense is the single most important element of being safe on a bike, and that takes a few years to develop.
  20. As stated, depending on the location etc, I'd by them a Madass 125. You can get a new one for <2k, any car at that price would be a death trap.. ;)