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What would be a suitable bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by JazzBro, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. i apologise if this question is in the wrong forum.

    I'm looking to buy a motorcycle for cross country journeys across Australia. I've never ridden or owned a motorbike before but I'm extremely keen to start.
    For my first big trip I'd like to drive from the east coast (near sydney) to Uluru then maybe up into the NT. I imagine I would encounter some pretty nasty roads, and even after reading up about different bikes I'm still not sure what kind of bike I would need for such conditions (future trips would be in a similar vein.)

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    PS. budget is limited.
  2. A late model Suzuki GS500 would be perfect.
    Reliable, modern, good wind protection.
  3. i am guessing you don't have a license?

    are you staying to sealed roads or looking to hit the dirt... either way imo a dr650 (which you can ride on restrictions) or a klr650 would be ideal, and not limit you to either sealed or dirt only style roads

    I would also suggest you get some time on the road before attempting a trip like this by yourself :)
  4. What he said ^
  5. Just re-reading that, the GS500 might not be the best choice.

    The bikes stewy mentioned are perfect.
  6. opps btw you can do any trip on any bike and take any bike (almost) anywhere really (might be a fcuking huge struggle) but most times the limiting factor is the rider and just depends how crazy/stupid you are to try :LOL: :wink:
  7. Bit more information, Jazzbro...
    Exactly what kinds of roads are you wanting to go on? Sealed? Good dirt? Really rough dirt? barely visible tracks?

    It really depends on how rough you want to get. You can pretty much cross the country on tar now, but you may want to see more than just the view from the highway.

    There is a bike for every need. How much are you prepared to spend?
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    The thing with big miles on bikes, is that some offraoders are really uncomfortable over long distances (on the road).
    I reckon a Suzuki SV650 could be a great compromise.
  9. great thanks guys.

    yeah i would definitely be riding around town and some shorter trips first, but i figure i'd only want to buy the bike that could handle that trip.

    in terms of the types of road, i would want something that could handle a bit of dirt track. not totally roughing it but i'd imagine i wouldn't want to be on sealed road the whole time.

    i'm willing to spend as much as i need to but budget is limited so preferably as little as possible.
  10. you might want some more experience then just riding round the city, take some day trips, up and down twisty dirt/mud/gravel/sand roads etc...

    To me sounds like the dr is your ticket, unless the klr also falls into th LAMS lists... not too sure but they will be 2 of the cheapest most reliable bike for the job. Have fun, take lots of pics and do a ride report when you return :)
  11. Stewy's suggestions (KLR or DR) are probably the best then. For more money you could look at Yam XT660R (or older XT600R). For even more money, BMW F650GS, Aprilia Pegaso (parts could be an issue).
  12. i just checked and the klr650 is actually approved for L platers. how much do you think i could pick one up for?

    do you think the discomfort Marx mentioned would really be a big issue?

    that i surely will :grin:
  13. Have a look at a Suzuki Vstrom 650. Perfect bike the trip. Not sure if it's LAMS approved though.
  14. anywhere from 3-7k for both bike s/h, depending on mods/aftermarket parts
  15. A new KLR650, F650[second hand] or new DR650 would be the best choices IMO and you can get change out of $10K all up. What do you mean by limited budget? How handy are you with tools? How big are you?

    If you are good with your hands then a second hand bike might be an option, igf not then maybe new or newish.

    Me, I would go for the BMW F650 or KLR650.
  16. If you're going to be riding across the country, that will take you into non-LAMS territory. Will you be permitted to ride your bigger-than-250 LAMS bike in WA and SA on your NSW restricted licence? Best check it out.