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What would be a good idea here

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pot87, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. okay i own a old bike a 1980 kawasaki z250 now i'm going to get it regesterd and insured (3rd party) and i hope to have it on the road by the middle to the end of april. Now my mate reckons i should go and ride with him first then book myself into Q-Ride and get my licence, now thats all fine with me i've never ridin a bike on the road before well apart from a 100cc trail bike which was awesome. So i was thinking i should ride the z250 around for a few months then sell it and get a new bike something like a new stlye 250cc cruiser or even abit bigger then a 250cc. I told me mate about this and he reckons i should ride the old girl for at least 12 months before buying a new bike so i have experience riding. Should i do what my mate says or just buy a new bike after a few months of getting my licence?. My parents agree with my mate but yeah i'm looking at spending at least $5,000-$9,000 on a new bike.

  2. Do a q-ride course first and practice on the z250. Better to drop the old bike while you're learning than a new one!!
  3. hmmm OK I agree as it doesn't seem like you have worked out what kind of bike you want long term.
  4. :WStupid:
    Pretty much exactly what I was about to write.
  5. You probably won't know what sort of riding you'll want to be doing in the long term ie. touring, commuting, trackdays etc.. until you've spent a bit of time on the road.
    My advice would be to stick to the old banger for at least 6-12 months till you figure out what sort of riding/bike you want to upgrade to.
  6. FWIW I started on a 83 gpz250. had it for about a year. same engine as yours I think. lovely free revving old things. mine was easy to ride and went like stink. got a bit exxy to fix in the end so I dumped it. so stick with it for a year and save your money for a bigger bike.

    ps kawas are addictive :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  7. mine z250 is a twin carby model so it should got okay i guess. I love cruiser bikes not a big fan of sports bikes but maybe i should take my mates 650 ninja for a spin and comapre riding styles.
  8. You could do that.

    And when you run up the back of the $120,000 Merc and injure its passenger, and you're not covered by any form of insurance because you're riding illegally, be a good lad and don't come on here and whine about it, OK???
  9. i mean not take it on the road to ride my mates ninja like just around a paddock or something. I'm not that stupid in taking a bike out on the road without being covered by insurance or asking my mate if he is covered if someone eles rides his bike. I'm getting 3rd party on my old bike it's not worth me paying $950 for full comp when me old banger is worth only a few hundered bucks, 3rd party i can get for $180 or even way less then that depending on the insurance company. So yeah i've thought about this for a long time i should just ride the old banger around for a while and save up some money and buy a new bike in a year..do you think thats the way to go?. I'm planning on getting the old banger on the road within the next few weeks and then i will book into Q-RIDE and get my licence.
  10. hokay, I've just read lots of people who WERE planning doing that, sorry!!!
  11. thats cool man, anyway i'm off for the night. have a good night to all of you peoples.