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what would a short can do?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Filo01, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. i've been considering moding my exhaust into a short can, i was just wandering what it would end up doing to my bike, would i lose alot of low end power?

  2. cbr250rr low end power???????????????

    don't you have to rev the tits off it to get any decent power?
  3. Louder. Anything else noticeable? No.
  4. It would be too loud and would not have any effect on performance.

    As smee said they have no low end power any way, its all up in the high revs they get going..
  5. sweet i'll give it a crack tommorow, do you know if it's illegal? i'll be leaving the baffle in, of course it will be a little smaller

    lol thats true, i have to rev to around 8+ to get a decent speed of the line.
  6. Only thing illegal will be the noise it makes.. I am not sure how loud it will be.. :shock:
  7. it shouldn't be that loud, i'm gona be replacing the baffle, it will be alittle shorter, i guess i'll have to test it out, hopefully the fine won't be to big if it's illegal lol.