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what wire?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Akros Tec, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. helllo all. Does anyone know which wire you cut or can disconnect that comes off the cdi module on the 2006 TGB Akros Tec 50cc scooter? As this is the only restriction I know that is on them. Still waiitng to hear about the enhancement kits.

  2. Apparently you only have to cut the brown wire to allow the bike to rev out to a higher top speed.

    I think On The Gas (OTG) in Queensland has scooter performance kits. Their email address is- ccmcontact@bigpond.com

    Hope that is of help.
  3. Yes it was the brown wire. Currently doing 65 - 68 kms now yyeeppee. Did not have to cut it though. Had a family memeber call a scooter shop in QLD as they live there and was told next the battery there is a black box the size of a match box, remove the brown wire from the plug. Tried to ask a shop here in Adelaide but they wanted my vin number so they could record it. thanks for the help. Hope this helps others
  4. about time...

    hope you can keep up ;)
  5. OK, so where was the brown wire running to? I ask as I have a 2003 TGB Akros and want to see if it is restricted via the CDI. I don't have a brown wire, I have Green (Orange according to wiring diagram - go figure), Black, Blue/White, Black/Red, Black/White.

    If I know where the Brown wire goes on the restricted scoots, maybe I can deduce which one it is on mine (that is, if it is restricted via CDI)

    I'm not finding any stores who want to help me whatsoever...Having to work it all out myself.
  6. just attach some pedals. should do the trick. :p
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    What are you getting out of it now?

    I can't wait to mod my bike...

    oh... need money for that... :(
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  11. the :p at the end was to signify it was a joke. and i beleive the virago would go faster. and does. but yes i was owned haha. next week ill repost it and see of your comebacks then :p <---take note of the tongue smiley.
  12. Well, my 2003 TGB A-Kros 50 has no CDI restriction wire, of that I am sure now...

    I checked the wiring diagram in the owner's manual (a bloody good read, the translation from Taiwanese to English is highly entertaining!) and there doesn't seem to be anything that could act as a restrictor.

    Just to be sure, I disconnected each wire in turn - it either wouldn't run, or I couldn't shut it off (one of the wires is for the killswitch/ignition)

    To be honest, I think I would have been suprised to find a restriction there - I'm getting 80km/h on the speedo as it is! (on a downhill stretch - on flat the best I can get is about 75)

    Which brings me to my next question: upgrades! Will create a new post for this...
  13. Searching the net, the AUS TGB may not have CDI restrictions.Funny thing on my shop tacho that stores the highest RPM, I have not seen the RPM go over 8000RPM (Are 2 stokes 1 spark 1RPM or 2 spark 1RPM).On a side note one thing I did find, was a restrictor at the entry point to the air box.Its about 20mm long with a outside measurement of 22mm and a inside of 15mm.Took it out and I believe my bike pulls harder.
  14. What mods are you thinking for your bike?