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What will hornet600's 5000th post be?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ashes, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Predictions on what the magic 5000th post will contain? :D

  2. Hes gotta be saving up something BIG for the occasion im sure.... Hopefully hell be able to say we finally qualified for the world cup :D
  3. It will be a uninteresting , boring , uneducated guess on something that has nothing to do with motorbikes . :wink: :p

    J/K Paul :) But i do think something special for the 5000th post tho . Can i suggest you get naked , paint 5000 on the front and back of your body and run down the street . With photo evidence of course :LOL:
  4. ......or rode at 100 kph in NSW on a Victorian Learner's permit :p
  5. Dave, I live in Wollongong, not Melbourne. People do that sort of stuff all the time here, no-one would notice!!! :LOL:
  6. You post whore Paul :LOL: 8)
  7. I reckon it'll be something ending in an exclamation mark and/or containing capitalised words :LOL:
  8. probably his regular daily post of some obscure cartoon strip. :p
  9. he is going to stick up a link to some bird with big tittys and get his first warning making it a memroble post
  10. It will probably be spelt correctly and be grammatically correct though :LOL: :LOL:
  11. OOHHHHH MY FINGERS HURT and do you know where crocodiles mate
  12. Try as I might I just don't get what you're saying Mizz, please explain for my dull old brain :p
  13. He'll come out of the closet and admit he doesn't own a bike, he owns a Suzuki Mightyboy. With neons. And fluffy dice. And he likes to paint himself in chocolate whilst listening to Eminem.
  14. No fair, Jake, you promised you wouldn't tell anyone any of that.......... :D
  15. Sh!t, I thought you didn't want me to mention the toupee and superglue incident?

    my bad.. :oops:

    :LOL: :wink:
  16. You almost had me there Jake untill i got to the eminem bit .
  17. Anyway, what was it?
  18. Relevance ???