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What went wrong?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Justin Stacks, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. I purchased an '08 Aprilia RS125 with only 220 km's about 7 weeks ago. The dealer which I bought it from acquired it with only 74 km's as per dealer's notice.

    I've put about 550 km's on it in the last seven weeks, and I was on a ride two nights ago and all of a sudden I hear a thud or a light bang and my engine started rattling like crazy. I knew something was not right straight away and I've read about engines ceasing, so I quickly pulled my clutch in and pulled to the side of the road. 8-[

    The bike was warmed up properly before my ride and my oil is still 2/3 full. The engine did not actually cease, and it's probably not a piston issue as usually it would just have gradually lost compression and I did not notice that. Also, i can still actually start her up.

    I had to get a tow that night as I did not want to risk anymore damage. The engine just sounded horrible the way it was rattling.

    After researching on google, I have come to the conclusion that it may be the crank bearing and seal. I could be way off as I'm not mechanically inclined, but it's an edumacated guess.

    Now I really don't think the dealer did much to look over the bike as he kept saying that it's practically brand new, but what issues could have arose from the bike just sitting in someone's garage for almost 4 years, and what should have the dealer looked for and/or replaced (ie. oil, fuel, brake and gear fluids, etc.), considering it's a 4 yr old bike which had barely been ridden?

    Luckily, I have put on less than 3000 km's and it's less than 3 month's old, so this fix, (probably more like a bottom end rebuild if it is the bearing seal), will be covered under the warranty, but in case the dealer refuses to do the fix, or if push comes to shove, I want to be able to show that it was the negligent act of the dealer to ensure they were selling a road worthy vehicle when selling this motorbike to the consumer. :deal:

    Kind of sucks though since now I'll have a practically brand new bike with a rebuilt engine, instead of just a practically brand new bike which is what I originlly signed up for when I purchased it. :furious:

    Any thoughts or suggestions?
  2. Dont guess, go find out.
  3. I'm bringing it in to the dealer tomorrow.

    I'm not trying to guess - My question basically is what should have the dealer looked at or replaced on the bike so that something like this should not have happened, considering it's a 4 year old bike that has sat in a garage and has barely been ridden for that amount of time, before selling it to the consumer?
  4. Lots of things can go wrong, what I would do before I worried about the blame game is find out what the problem is. If the bike was running ok the dealer probably didn't do much to it, if it was on consignment they would have done even less.
  5. plus you gotta think IF what they say is true and the bike has been garaged for the majority of it's life....that's alot of time spent with the bike sitting there with seals and the likes possibly degrading...so it may well have taken the stress from the 300 odd km's you've put on it since and said parts have broken

    the dealer might have been able to go into checking all these things but why would you bother if you were a business? it's not even been run in yet so a quick test ride should suffice for them
  6. As above.....

    Find the fault then go to war (if required)

    This may be a dormant manufacturing fault from the factory - who knows?
  7. Let's be realistic, where does a dealer stop? After all it is a previously owned bike and four years old.
    I'd let the selling dealer diagnose the problem and then discuss the solution. Maybe, find out what the statuatory warranty is on a used motorcycle sold through a dealer in your state.
  8. I agree. I guess I'm jumping the gun here, assuming that I will get push back. Hopefully they just fix the issue as the bike is covered under the warranty of the Motor Dealers Act.

    I get 3 months, and it's only been seven weeks, so I should be good. I always get paranoid that the dealer is going to try to slime their way out of it, as it pretty much wipes out their profit margin on the bike sold.
  9. With a 2 stroke, depending on where the piston is in the bore when it's been parked up it is possible you could have the cylinder exposed to the open exhaust port, so the outside air can then gradually enter the cylinder & transfers etc and now all the engine innards incl. bearings/seals/etc are exposed to the same external environment, not actually sealed up. Could be similar on the inlet side. 4 years of that exposure sitting still is a long time, even if it’s a nice environment. As much as it would be nice to solve it yourself, it would be counterproductive if they are responsible for it. Your hunch of the main bearings sounds about right, if they are rebuilding the bottom end they should be doing the top as well as, it should be a complete engine rebuild, no shortcuts or you'll be back in no time.

    On a side note I’d be hesitant to buy a bike that's sat still for more than 6-9mths unless you are prepared to o’haul the thing straight up, cbf dealing with issues that should never have happened.

    Not sure how organised bike dealerships are, but I vaguely remember when I used to poke around in car dealership accounts the new car ext'd warranty and used car stat warranty provision accounts were some of the biggest writebacks, hardly ever touched, so I wouldnt feel too bad about them having to dip in.
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  10. How come in this case you need to do a complete rebuild if it's just the bottom end that needs fixing? Or are you assuming that considering what has happened to the bottom end, the top end has most likely deteriorated over that amount of time as well, and it should be done?

    Should the dealership be responsible for the top end rebuild, if it's only the bottom end that needs the rebuild right now, or if they do the bottom end, should I just pay to do the top end done, to prevent any other issues?

    (apologies for the neophyte questions but like I said, I'm not mechanically inclined, and I want to go in prepared when I see the dealer. Thx!)
  11. Probably should have said 'or you could be back in no time', a reference to the damage it can do the rest of the engine and the dealership's dodginess factor in wanting to cut corners. But you/they will know once they open it up and have a look what has been affected. I would think they'd inspect the top end first anyway as it needs to come off to split the cases. If the top end hasnt been affected due to shredded material circulating around then I guess most replace the top end for preventative maintenance at the same time for peace of mind if the bike has some kms on it, (it costs only a small portion compared to the bottom end rebuild) so why jeopardise the rebuild for something that needs to be done sooner or later anyway (top end rebuilds are routine maintenance on these bikes) - just start with a clean slate. Go check out the apriliaforum or 125ccsportsbike (bunch of w@nkers mostly) forums for more info. And ask BoingK or Crashdummy on here, I think they've both done full rebuilds on this bike & would be more knowledgeable on it and reasons for doing things. I'm just waiting for my turn.