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VIC What went wrong here?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jimmythehuman, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Wife is on the vicco girls track day today at Broadford. She is on the first lap of the 3rd session, cold tyres and i wouldn't call it quite rain, but the first 2 min of spitting.

    Had her 1 st session and was a bit cautious after not being on for a while and her second session picked up and she was keen to get out and give it a bit in the 3rd.

    The cam is up on the top of her helmet, and she does lead with her head a bit, i dont think the tyre hit the white line...but then again its hard to tell. We are thinking cold tyres (cold day and cold track) and little rain on the ever so slightly rising throttle?

    Interesting to hear any opinions. Skip to 1.30

  2. Looks like you're right, that was the first corner on cold tyres.

    The rest of the riding was on the straight, didn't look like the white line was touched and there was no panic braking or shite on the track.
  3. She was in the novice group, 2nd time at the track, there was 2 riders in the group, there was oil on the track so they black flagged anyway. I have seen 3-4 crashes on the girls days, and none picked em up...how does your theory work for injured riders?

    Anyway, i know people want to have atheory on every aspect of everythng, but i was just curious about that corner looked like to others with more track experience than us.

    MCsenna and Blabbs, you guys obviously have heaps of track experience, can you offer us some advice?
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  4. what was that long wide streak sort of whitish, you could say close to the same colour of water mixed with oil?

  5. Something that has been on the track for ages...i think some one said it was concrete dust that was sprinkled there a long time ago for some reason?
  6. Mate track experience has nothing to do with learning how to pick up your bike, that's all I was commenting on, a fairly basic skill.
    As far as the spill is concerned it would only be conjecture on my part, because she was going so slow it's hard to know. Perhaps a few drops oil and water combined .
    Some of the more experienced track guys may be able to shine some light on it.
  7. I disagree. I do understand what you are saying, i am fortunate enough to have a few mates whose wives all ride and they have pick up the dirtbikes and drag them up gnarley hills and whatever...a few of them can ride the roadies pretty well, but cant pick them up. They also struggle to push a car off the road but still drive every day. I hear what your saying but its not a pre requisite for riding.
  8. Just a thought Jim boy, while you are sparring with Blabbs aren't you missing the point of your OP to try and shine some light on your wife's mishap.
  9. hmm ... I though I replied in here but maybe not :confused: must be going nuts ...

    anyway in case I didn't hit submit last time I think I asked what your lady thought had happened? Front brake in the corner? Dropped off the throttle? oh and how fast does was she going ... it's hard to tell from the vid ... and the corner doesn't look that sharp.

  10. This is kinda why i posted it here. There is nothing obvious, i was hoping some one with track experiene had some insight. We have chatted about it all day, spoke to a few riders, the recovery guys, the marshalls and no one really knew. As a learning rider its great if you an point to X and say, well i wont do that again. But, she had cold tyres, its was ever so slightly raining, and she obviously didnt take that turn fast...between 60-80km maybe? She didnt lean it much and i dont think she hit the white line.

    Maybe it just is cold tyres and we need a set of warmers.
  11. If they are road tyres,and at that speed-they wont be the culprit.
  12. your thread has been cleansed
  13. If there was not a lot of lean then it would not have simply slipped out due to the cold tyre thing at that speed ... heck, if that was the case we'd all be falling over at the roundabout on the way to the corner shop for milk on a cold morning.
  14. What was on the bike slicks or road tyres?
  15. Road tyres. without going out to the shed, from my memory, i think they are dunlop sportmax. I bought them about 6 months ago. Once warm they get VERY sticky. Maybe running 26-30psi?
  16. Who's prepping the bike for the track, surely tyre pressure shouldn't be a guess.
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  17. White stuff powder to soak up an oil spill line?
    They used to use cement dust. Not sure what they use now.

    Line didn't look too good to me which might have not helped. Leave it to someone with more bike track experience to comment.
    Wind also looked and sounded strong which might have upset things a bit but may have not.

    Glad she was straight up and ok.
  18. She was doing 68 in a 60 zone
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    you know its called crash corner?

    a few on youtube

    or two

  20. Btw how did you guy manage you get cameras on the track, does it depend on the organiser or something?