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what weather prediction sites do you use?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kursed, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. I am supposed to be doing a run to port maquarie (from syd) to do the oxley this coming weekend but I am seeing a lot of varied or very limited info reports on the usual sites I look at. Do you guys or girls know of any good quality forecast reports for around the area? This constant rain is driving me nuts - every w/e its like lockdown for long rides :(

  2. I live in Tassie, so I take wet weather gear, sunscreen, warm clothing, shorts and a beanie everywhere I go :p

    I tend to stick with www.bom.gov.au for the weather.
  3. yep IMO "eldersweather" is by far the better site :)

    the forecast for up here is rain / storms in the afternoons till next tues :shock: [ and that includes Port Mac ] bloody sub tropical weather :p

    lows of 18 highs of 28 89% humidity

    How did that famous quote go ? ................... oh yeah

    You can set your bloody watch by this F***in rain ! :rofl:
  4. those two sites are my preferred ones. I like elders as it quite simple to use, BOM I tend to use when looking at the radar pictures
  5. I certainly know how to tell if its a weekend in NSW of late,
    step one: look out window, confirm falling rain.
    step 2: get back into bed and begrudgingly agree to do whatever social thing the girl has on that day too.
    step 3: rinse and repeat on sunday morning.
  6. Bureau of Meterology

    Dont leave home or work on an overcast day without checking their radar. Paid off yesterday in Sydney, left work early and managed to get home during the "dry gap"
  7. *sob*

    how was your sunday
  8. For "long range" forecasts when planning rides I use Elders. I also use it for summary data, current conditions, etc., because it has all the data on the one page. BoM has it over several pages.

    For detailed information I always refer to BoM, and in particular its weather radar.

    As for Elders long range data, it can and does, change from day to day as say, the target date approaches. But generally, it gives you a fair idea of what to expect.
  9. Sunny! You should have stuck with me on the way back, -zero- traffic all the way to the Stanwell Tops turnoff \:D/
  10. I thought you were indicating thats where you where going - not where you expected me to be going! I realised the mistake when you gave me the wtf are you doing look as we split off.... I went that way to go through the nasho again on my way home, we probably were within min of each other. I didnt know you could go back that way and still get to the nasho. it was nice weather though wasn't it!
  11. :LOL: Was more of a 'fine, your choice' look I was going for...they pretty much run parallel, so there's hardly ever any traffic...and in turn, it was flat on tank throttle wound out all the way :p You'd have passed me on the way back, went down past Coledale for fuel, did a few laps, got a coffee at Bald Hill etc. Roooly noice.
  12. oh well least I know for next time
  13. Hey Yak, let me know when you've got the 400 on the road again and how the track day/ride school goes.

    Kursed, you better get your reverse rain dance happening.
  14. Service is done, now we just need it to STOP RAINING :grin:
  15. great site.. easy to navigate ;)
  16. i make million dollar decisions, purely based on eldersweather.
    it collates data from BOM, weatherzone etc. and is very easy to navigate, to get the info needed.
    eldersweather FTW!