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What weather page do you use to plan a ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by undii, May 15, 2007.

  1. Hi there,
    I'm just currently trying to find a *cough* good weather forecast page for melb region/s. www.bom.gov.au is a piece of crap to use, it only updates every 7 or 8 hours.. *thumbs down* I'd like to see a page that has current conditions and possible forecast for next few hours/rest of day that is updated (a lot?) more than BoM. Having a healing shoulder, I do 1/2 to 1 hour rides to help me from going stir crazy while I'm "stuck at home". There is no way BoM gives current conditions and the only other page I've used is http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/94868.html

    Anyone else have 'accurate' current conditions/forecast weather urls they use and would like to share?

    Thanks :grin:

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  3. Does that have any spyware in it? The last one i tried had all kinds of nasty stuff with it :(
  4. None whatsoever. Its spyware/malware free. Highly recommend it, I've been using it for years.
  5. Ta. I use linux 99% of the time, only use XP for TomTom HOME + Tuneboy (motorbike ECU tuning/editing stuff software) So I guess I'd need to use the main desktop PC for that but it hurts my shoulder when I'm not on mass dosages of oxycontin so I tend to avoid it.. Not much help doh :oops:

    *edit* And the BoM page doesn't really tell me a forecast for next 1-4 hrs by the looks of the pages you gave me either.. :?
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  7. No I gave you a link to the current conditions at the various weather stations around Melbourne, not the forecast. The forecast is, as you say, updated every 5 or 6 hours or thereabouts.

    The thing to bear in mind is that whilst there ARE other weather sites around providing weather information for Melbourne, you'll find that ultimately they are getting their data from...you guessed it...the Bureau of Meteorology. You may have to drill through lots of fine print to find the acknowledgment of their source, but every one I've seen that people have recommended as an alternative to the BOM have ultimately been shown to be getting their data directly from there in the first place :LOL:
  8. Oh and other than the forecast, I use the rain radar pages from the BOM site as well - easiest way to determine where the rain might be, where it's heading, how heavy it may be etc:


    (Also accessible from the Weatherstats tool I posted about)
  9. *nod* That's the thing. Would be nice if there was a page stating "Showers in Melb (CBD/whatever region) expected at 3pm blah blah" I hate seeing "Showers expected" and stopping a ride for the day as I really don't want to ride in wet with my shoulder. Simply don't want to "test" my limits of what stage I am at with healing by dodging some car in the wet. It may turn out very bad for me...

    Anyway, I hate seeing "Showers expected", stopping any rides and then they finally come, at 9-10PM. Oh well, teaches me being a wuss with my shoulder :LOL:
  10. I've been using Linux since '91. Usually have 3-4 distros installed on various PCs at home at any one time. I usually use ubuntu and it's various side kicks (xubuntu, kubuntu) on my laptop because the apt-get updates are free from my ISP (iiNet) mirror. Also use debian, fedora and others, mainly CLI as I'm not a huge GUI fan but it's nice to have a window manager on laptop so I can use web browsers and music proggies like xmms, video players like vlc. I then ssh to my servers to do *whatever* as I like to have a look inside the hood as opposed to "just driving" :)
  11. Alternate between BOM & Weatherzone

    Throw the postcode in the little box for local weather & vola

    Edit: Just did search for 2647 ....
    Weather Forecast for Yarrawonga
    13°C - 24°C

    :LOL: HUH it's struggling to even attempt to rain @ this point.
  12. ..The one that Gegvasco alwasys posts. (Except he didn't warn us about the huge thunderstorm between Walcha and Bendemeer last Octrober :LOL:).
  13. Mate, I don't want to upset your applecart, but there are no more current weather data than BOM. All other sites get their info from BOM, I'm a pilot, trust me I know. The core data is not available directly from BOM without a user acount, but WUG relays this into here;


    Click the 'Raw Metar' tab and you will see something like this;

    METAR YPEA 150100Z 17003KT 9999 FEW035 11/06 Q1026 NOSIG

    Now this may look like gobbldeygook, but its the most up to date data, and includes the times (Zulu GMT), of validity.

    To decode the METAR go here;


    There are also immediate observations available from BOM called TAF's (Terminal Area Forecast), but I don't know how the public can access them without a BOM account.
  14. This is easily the best one i have found


    It has all the different satellite, radar ect views, a months prediction of rain plus other good stuff.

    updated regularly and so easy to use, not crowded like all those other sites.
  15. Yeah but as I said in other post(s). The way they state the forecast is not good for an immediate 1-3 hours pre plan most/all? of the time. Checking the forecast page, it was last updated at 10:40AM and next update is The next routine forecast will be issued at 4:05 pm EST Tuesday.

    Cloudy periods with a few showers. Light to moderate northerly winds.

    Ok, few showers... WHEN??? (And nothing is set in concrete) but I've seen similar forecasts and there have been no showers/rain for either that day at all or at least until 6-9PM when I would have been home for ages by then for a good 2-4 hr ride. Oh well, I'll keep looking to see if any page tries to predict weather on a 1-6 hour basis :)
  16. I think you missed my point, there is no more immediate data. Any site purporting to be able to forecast better than BOM is about as credible as reading tea leaves....but of course if it makes you feel better thats ok. (Unless you can access TAF's, but they only cover a limited area around specific airfields and are based on real time observations at those airfields.)
  17. Yeah unfortunately I don't think you'll find a better forecast than what BOM provides (and supplies to all the other sites - weatherzone included). That's why I use the forecast plus the rain radar. If you use the 256km loop - and the radars are updated frequently - you can see basically all the Vic weather patterns so you're going to get a good idea of what is likely to hit you and where in the next hour or so before the actual forecasts are updated :)