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What was your score?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Monty, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Hi All

    I have just (yesterday arvo) passed my license :D . After my first dismal effort with a score of 46 and still not completing on task, I was astounded to pass with a score of 22!!!! Not that I want to now deflate my ego, but I think this is a fantastic score.

    And yet another plug for Stay Upright, who did a fantastic job at keeping a stress head very cool in 30degree heat.
  2. Cant find the stupid bit of paper but im 99% sure it was 7
  3. I did mine yesterday morning, and came out with a 6. :D If I had have been told that it was actually the test, and not a practice run I wouldn't have piss-farted around so much.. :roll:

    Congrats on getting the license Monty. Only 365 days to go now..

    Flipper - I'll be round to drop off the L plate during the week sometime.
  4. :LOL: yeah same here, didnt really bother me too much though! Thinkin that it was just a practice probably took some pressure off though... long as i passed i was happy :D
  5. mine was 23..... but who i would say if it's in the 20's your doing ok, the instructors only require a sorce of 14 (so we were told) so i tihnk anything in the 20's is a fine score......

    congrats too btw
  6. When i did mine it was all competency based.
    METAL in Darwin.

    So as long as you showed commmon sense and responsibility you passed.
  7. No such thing when I got my licence. Did a figure8 on thje road in front of the cop shop, paid my $35(or whatever it was) and away!
  8. Congrats mate. Well done!!! :applause: :applause::applause:

    :D :D
  9. Ditto for me, the cop told me to ride down the road, do a u-turn, ride back to the cop shop, do a u-turn and park. As I was riding back I couldn't see him on the verandah of the police station, and when I went inside he'd already written out my licence.

    Ah quieter and kinder days....
  10. Interesting that they didn't tell you about doing the test, I am sure they have too otherwise you are not being placed into the test environment.

    Also well done on getting your licence anyway, and pass is a good score!
  11. Some of us had friends in the police force back in my day . The old paper licence. I said i wanted to ride and he came around to my place and wrote one out for me . :D :D
  12. Yeah when i did the test they said it was only a practice and ive had a few mates do it and they said the same... I think its probably fair because some people get super nervous about a "test" and can make mistakes. Mistakes that they would never make on the road.
  13. That was how I got my Learners, they told me that we would do a run through, and when I finished he told me I passed. I was having issues with exam anxiety though so I don't think I would have passed otherwise.
  14. On the day I did my test, I was doing great all day, probably the best in my group. Then came the test, I put my foot down about 50cm too early on the slow ride. YOU FAIL !!!

    A bit rough I thought, but then I resat the test the next day and passed with a score of 24 I think.
  15. Well done Monty! :)

    I can't remember exactly but it was about 9 or 10. I did better than the guy being tested as an instructor & he passed. That's not to say of course that I should be an instructor (I'm not good enough), I think it just shows that the test is somewhat artificial and only tests fairly basic skills. In the real world for example, no-one tells you you need to be doing 40kph in 2nd gear to avoid a hazard. Nor do they tell you what manovers will be needed. :)

    I don't think your test score makes a lick of difference really. If you pass, then congrats but the one thing everyone needs to develop and maintain skills is regular practice and experience. Nothing beats it so please get out there and enjoy the licence. :)
  16. Well Done Monty and Macca. \:D/ \:D/
    Cya during the week Macca
  17. Congrats Monty!! Well done. \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

    :D :D
  18. Well done Monty - no more L plate on the bike to slow you down.

    As for points - I didn't do very well if you go by those, although I passed. In the group of 6 I was in, I was the ONLY one in proper safety gear. My properly-booted foot kicked the bike into neutral in the first bend. (Damn those CBs set up for Joe Average...). I only passed by scoring very little in the emergency stops. :p When you're heavier than the bike, at low speeds, you can stop it dead.
  19. Hey, I zoomed round the corner in first for one practice run because I couldn't work my foot under properly to get it into second. Good fun to zip around in but I much prefer my ZZR besides has much better feet posie.
  20. Congrats to the two of you :)