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What was your first 'unrestricted' bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by v_quixotic, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. Mine was the NS400R Freddie Spencer Replica.

    There was a photo of it in a Two Wheels magazine in the mid 80's. Front-on with the headlight in focus and the rest a blur. It had a Rothmans replica paintjob, a mudguard that flowed over the lower fork legs and another little fairing piece on the side stand.

    It came with a seat cowl that covered the pillion seat and a race stand.

    It was powered by a two-stroke three cylinder V three. The outer two pistons facing forward with aligned big-ends and the middle one pointing up. Interestingly, the middle piston and conrod weighed twice the the outer making it a pseudo V twin as far as balance goes.

    It had acronyms: ATAC (Automatic Torque Amplification Chambers) to boost the midrange and (TRAC) Torque Reaction Anti-dive Control to limit front suspension dive under brakes.

    I had to have one!!!

    I bought it for $5000 brand new before my license restriction expired with a bank loan guarenteed by my mum.

    I got caught riding it before I should have.

    It had a glorious 2 stroke wail when you hit the powerband.

    I got it up to 200kph at an undisclosed time and location.

    The old bloke across the road gave up tinkering with his collection of old British bikes and turned to the Dark Side (Buying and riding a succession of modern Japanese bikes) after riding it and a mates RG500 Suzuki.

    I took it to rallies and track days and rode it up and down the Reeftor Spur and along the Kinglake - Flowerdale - Yea road many many times...

    I hit a kangaroo one evening east of Kangaroo Ground returning from an after-work sortie up and down the spurs.

    I dropped it and crashed it now and then. The fairing was plastic welded and had its candy paint scheme re-applied more than once...

    It sat in A1 motorcycles on consignment for more than a year and I eventually sold it through the Trading Post for $2500.

    What was your first unrestricted bike?

    Why did you buy it?

    What happened to it?
  2. What was your first unrestricted bike? 1987ish kwaka 1000RX

    Why did you buy it? black and technically was the fastest of the day.

    What happened to it? Racing a GSX through the Gorge Rd and well missed a corner, written off bike and rider :)
  3. Well, back in my day, sonny, there wasn't such a thing as "restricted" and "unrestricted"
    As soon as you got your permit, which you got by going to the RTA office and answering 20 questions, you could go out and ride any bike you liked.
    The Kawasaki Z1 was "king" and I remember sitting on one in the bike shop in Wollongong and telling the salesman that it was too big and that you'd have to be Hercules to ride one of them. He replied, "Well, Warren Willing's only a little guy and he rides one." I remember thinking, "Yeh, like I could ever ride like Warren Willing."
    So I bought a Honda 350/4. I only kept it for around a year, and had a few gearbox problems in that time that probably hastened its departure. Looking back on it now I think that it had probably had a big hit on the left hand side that had damaged the gearbox shaft behind the lever, but I didn't know enough about motorcycle mechanics in those days to make the connection.
    It was sold in favour of a trail bike (the ill-fated MT125 of which I have already written) which was quickly and mercifully replaced with a brand new Yamaha RD250 twin.
    Still, it introduced me to the joys of motorcycling and I still have a very
    soft spot for the "cherry four" as she became known.


    Yes, that's me and my brand new wife, and that date is Novermber 1974.
  4. That sounds like a wild bike.
    Mine is more tame.
    I went to Moto One to buy an old two valve R80 BMW, but they stopped making them a couple of years before I arrived at the shop.

    I saw a Red Ducati Monster and it looked like my old XR75 on steroids. I thought I'll get myself one of these. 8)
  5. The bike i have now, my zx12r thats my first biggen. Got off my zzr250 and bought it brand new. Had never even ridden a big bike and had no idea what to expect. Buy after about 10 min and scaring myself i soon realised what i had. And i still have the grin from ear to ear.. :D
  6. mine was a 96 thundercat. didn't have my mind set on anything in particular, it just fit the price/comfort/streetfighterable brackets so i bought it. it was never the best of anything, but it had enuff of everything to be a real tops bike by anyones standards IMO.

    regret selling it big time now tho, the two bikes i got to replace it both need work and i'm fast running out of time to do it :?
  7. '85 VF1000FF way back in about '85.
  8. I had a thundercat like Coconuts but 1997 model... guess we dont appreciate them until they're gone :D

    such a good bike.. hope Jarrah enjoys it as much as I did :)
  9. bike..?
    not really any such thing in my day
    but my 2nd bike was a Kwaka MACHIII
    in those days, the quickest accelerating fastest street bike
    money could buy....
    but it had nothing (little actually) in the way of brakes
    and the first corner you came across, it would throw you orf... :LOL:

    yep a bike with thin crossply tyres, spoke wheels drum brakes
    and a top speed of 145mph or 240kmh, standing ΒΌ around 11.3 sec

    scary shit....
  10. 1976 kawasaki Z650 .
  11. Suzuki 750 Katana .... it was my happy divorce to me present
  12. Dudes! you went back to 4-stroke 250's :?: :eek:
  13. When I made the decision to ride again, I made a promise to my partner that this time it would all be legal, and with a licence..... sux don't it?
  14. First "unrestricted" bike i owned (and i guess my ct110 don't count for unrestricted) was the Mighty XR 600 Bought when it was 6mths new when my feet could hardly touch the ground!
  15. We didnt have restrictions in those days so it was my first bike .
  16. Ohhh, i geddit you guys talking about ROAD BIKES!! then it was the I'm not a XR-600 Z440 Aptly re-badged a 250 :D
  17. I was riding a FZR400 on my Ps then got a 98 ZX9R 2 months before i came off my Ps,mind you,i had an extended stay on Ps thanks to a suspension or 2,lol! :LOL:
  18. Restrictions? Not when I first started, like Nobby, I rode without paperwork for years
    650 Bonneville was the prefered method of travel.

    But now I'm legal :D
  19. My first big bike was a Suzuki GSX550EFE 1984 I think. Was a quick enough little jigger but I stuffed it under a guard rail with not too much damage and then got it fixed and continued to battle with the evil handling that it had. Wanted to fall into corners if you looked at it the wrong way. Second fall was one I still cannot remember. Delayed concussion will do that I supose. Sold it for the same money I paid for it after six months to a work colleague.

    Do not miss that bike at all.
  20. DT125 LC Mrk 3 (power-valve opened up with a twirl of my spanner).